Missing family dinners? Embarrassed by a burp? Suffering a heart burn? These are all indicative that you are suffering from indigestion. The constant heavy feeling in the stomach, ability to eat and gas means your digestive system is not working as it should and that leading to indigestion. Regular indigestion can lead to acid reflux, nausea and even vomiting. Other symptoms of indigestion include bloating, belching, pain and uneasiness.

Indigestion is quite common and there are many factors which can lead up to it. Usually the severity of indigestion problem depends on your habits, age and lifestyle. With age, the enzymes in our stomach are produced less, which makes digesting food harder. Simpler meals and easily breakable food can help cure gas and indigestion as you age. Improperly chewed meals, stress, insufficient roughage, and less water can all be reasons for irregular working of the digestive system.

Here are some home remedies for indigestion which you can easily whip!

• Citrus fruits containing more of Vitamin C are a great way to ward off gas and indigestion. Lemon water, lemonade or having an orange after meals can provide your stomach with a little help to easily break down food and keep it working better.

• Ever thought grapes as an antacid? Probably not! Instead of popping a pill, grab a bunch of grapes and munch away. Grapes can soothe the irritation in the stomach and is a great home remedy for indigestion.

• Not only eating can help you, but a little stomach massage can do wonders. Mixing garlic and soya oil in equal proportions or rubbing hing (asafoetida) on your stomach can give an instant relief from gas and also help in digestion.

• You may have forgotten the anti-acid properties of baking soda, but we have not! The natural properties of baking soda make it one of the best home remedies for gas problems. Mix one spoon in a glass of water to ease stomach pain and indigestion.

• Herbs and spices can also be quite helpful while dealing with gas and indigestion. Coriander, mint, cloves and cardamom are all known for their digestive properties. You can have them in a concoction or include one and make it the hero of your remedy!

• Herbal teas and aloe vera juice are some of the tasty options in curing digestive issues. Mint, blackberry and green tea all facilitate digestion and can be had every day to keep the stomach healthy. Aloe vera juice soothes the stomach and eases the acid reflux and heart burn.