With a plethora of razor varieties available for sale today, face shaving is no longer a boring task for guys. Men find shaving task so much safer as well because you have numerous types of shaving cream, gels and lotions on the market today. Men frequently are afflicted by a few common shaving associated issues. Here are some of them, and its treatment advice.

Cuts on the skin layers is one among the most typical shaving issues and this is mainly due due to outstanding shaving methods. Cuts may bleed for a couple of minutes. To stop the blood loss from cuts, you simply need to apply pressure on it. This will help to clog the blood vessels and quickens the process of clotting.

Another easy approach to stop bleeding of cuts would be to brush a piece of ice cube over it. This helps to contract the blood vessels and holds up blood flow. Petroleum jelly may also be helpful to reduce the bleeding of cuts. Deodorants made up of aluminum chloride could help in treating cuts and nicks.

Too close shaving is one among the major causes for the problem of ingrown hairs. Whilst ingrown hairs are usually minor irritations, they can be painful, unsightly and if there is a skin infection, it can also cause scars.

Ingrown hairs normally crop up on men's faces and on other parts of the body with sensitive and curly hair such as the genital area. It is prevalent in individuals with African descent due to their curly hair and is induced by shaving too close to the skin. The curly hair will grow back inwards into the skin layers and the hair follicle could get infected on account of this.

Exposing the facial skin to steam or applying warm moist hand towel over the infected skin is a good method to release the ingrown hair. This treatment aids to open the pores. Sometimes the ingrown hair stays stubborn and in these cases you might have to use a tweezer or sterile needle to free the hair from the skin layers.

Removing or plucking ingrown hair by yourself is not recommended. That job is better performed by a skin specialist. To avoid the problem of ingrown hair, you should exfoliate your skin layer often and apply skin creams containing salicylic acid.

Ingrown hair discomforts could be conveniently treated with the help of skin lotions containing salicylic acid, hydrocortisone or witch hazel. But if the condition continues, it is better to check with your medical professional for advice.

Skin discomfort due to razor burns is one more common shaving problem. This may be prompted due to various reasons like too close shaving, making use of blunt razors, shaving on dry skin, employing quick and harsh stokes etc.

Men that have sensitive skin are more susceptible to such razor burns. Usually the skin soreness associated with razor burns disappear within a few hours. But in serious cases, it may last for a couple of days.

Severe cases of razor burns may lead to razor bumps. Applying aloe Vera, ice or cold water or skin creams containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid aids in treating razor bumps.Allowing the hair to grow out and not shaving for a few days is the best treatment for razor burns.

Shaving sometimes cause inflammatory reaction of one or more hair follicles and this can cause a condition called Barber's rash. This condition can occur in any body part. Shaving areas which is prior to zits and pustules could have been the cause of such skin rash problem. Sometimes crushing could be noticed on the affected areas. This problem must be treated immediately.Not leaving the infected part for a couple of days can help a lot. Dermatologists may suggest the application of topical antibiotic skin creams for the treating such skin breakouts.