People suffering from an overactive bladder not only lose control over when and where they feel the urge to urinate, but also lose control over their lives because of this condition. No doubt, it is an embarrassing condition, but it can quickly turn into an embarrassing accident if urine is not passed as soon as possible. This is why people with this problem do not indulge in activities that might make them feel the urge to urinate and avoid leaving the house for long periods of time fearing public humiliation. These might seem like a solution for the problem, but they are definitely not a way to cure this condition. The best way of treating this condition is to go for natural remedies for an overactive bladder.

Natural Remedies for Overactive Bladder

1. Strengthening pelvic floor muscles using Kegel exercises: For an overactive bladder, one of the recommended natural remedies is Kegel exercises. In Kegel exercises, the muscles of the pelvic floor are squeezed. The muscles that help in suppressing the urge to urinate can be strengthened by performing Kegel exercises throughout the day. Those muscles can be tightened anywhere and anytime without anyone noticing.

For those who exercise, adding Kegels to their workout can prove to be beneficial, especially when they perform lunges, squats, and yoga. Kegel exercises can also be performed when urinating. The flow of urine can be stopped by tightening and holding the pelvic floor muscles. Occasionally, the bladder can be released and emptied. This is a convenient way of learning how to perform Kegel exercises. The correct muscles that play a role in starting and stopping the flow of urine can be identified this way.

2. Training the bladder to hold a bit more urine: Training the bladder is also one of the natural remedies for an overactive bladder, which is something like potty training a child. Rather than following the usual urge to urinate, a schedule to empty the bladder is regularly set. As bladder control is gained, the time between urinating can be slowly increased. This way, the bladder is able to expand as a result of which a bit more urine is held in it and the sudden urges to urinate frequently are drastically reduced.

3. Cutting caffeine: Through the day, people consume a large amount of caffeine coffee, energy drinks, soda, and tea. Caffeine wines tend to drive the urge to urinate. An overactive bladder is exacerbated by caffeine since it is a diuretic. Fluids are forced from the body by diuretics and urine in the kidneys is increased. Like caffeine, diuretics cause the bladder to fill up more often, more quickly. Thus, cutting caffeine is also among the easy natural remedies for an overactive bladder.

4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight: In all the aspects of life, a very important role is played by diet and lifestyle. For instance, pressure is added on the bladder because of excess weight, which can result in frequent urges to urinate. Many women suffering from an overactive bladder have succeeded in controlling their condition by losing up to 5% of their body weight. Thus, the symptoms of an overactive bladder can be improved by improving health naturally and maintaining a healthy weight.

5. Controlling the amount of fluids consumed in a day: It is appropriate that the need to urinate is affected by the amount of fluids that are consumed. Finding an appropriate balance between hydration and dehydration becomes necessary for those with an overactive bladder. On the other hand, the bladder is irritated by dehydration, which results in the sensation that the bladder needs to be emptied.

6. Maintain a bathroom diary: Maintaining a bathroom diary is the most effective way of determining how an overactive bladder is affecting one's life. Apart from recording how often turbine is delivered, every fluid that is consumed through the day should also be recorded. In case of an especially troublesome overactive bladder, a diary of the food that is consumed through the day should also be kept. When this condition becomes a major problem, a bathroom diary can even be shared with the doctor.

While there are numerous medications that can be used for treating an overactive bladder, but the side effects that can occur as a result of them must also be kept in mind. This is why natural remedies for an overactive bladder are more effective and safer.