Skin Health Checks That Can Be Done By Anybody
It is important to monitor the condition of your skin, in order to prevent skin cancers from developing. Become familiar with the spots and marks on your skin, and the size, shape and color of various freckles and moles. If you notice any changes, or if you have any marks that concern you, be sure to refer these to your doctor. You can ask your doctor for comprehensive advice in how to perform a home health check.

Sleep Diaries for Improving Quality of Sleep
By keeping a sleep diary, you can arm yourself with knowledge of the quality and quantity of how much sleep you are getting. It is recommended for adults to get between 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Sleep deprivation, difficulty getting to sleep, or difficulty with early waking or staying sleep has been associated with the development of chronic health problems. If you have any concerns about the quality or quantity of your sleep, then by keeping a sleep diary, you can note it and awareness can create a sense of control and mastery over your sleeping patterns. With recognizable patterns, you are able to take this information to your doctor, who can work with you to obtain high quality night time rest.

Blood Glucose Monitoring For People Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
People who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are recommended to purchase a home blood glucose monitoring kit, also known as a glucometer. Checks are made before and after meals, and at set times during the day, as instructed by a diabetes educator or health care practitioner. A patient can easily self-monitor BGL levels, and then take the record of these to the doctor in order to maintain health and wellness.

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Kits
If a person has a family history of high blood pressure or hypertension, then generally they are encouraged to get regular tests from his or her health care practitioner in order to monitor the state of their cardiovascular system. A person can have high blood pressure without exhibiting any noticeable symptoms, so regular checks are essential in the prevention of chronic vascular and coronary diseases. Hypertension can be treated and managed by good nutrition, exercise and prescriptive medication treatments.

Reproductive Health Checks for Men
A man can monitor the state of his reproductive system – he can perform checks of his testicles at home, and be aware of any lumps or irregularities – which should be reported to his health care practitioner. A doctor or family planning clinician officer can assist a man in knowing how to practice doing his own testicular checks. A man should also be able to maintain an appreciation before and during arbitration, and if he has any concerns about this, he should mention this to his doctor or other health care professional.

Health Care Checks for Women
A woman needs to be aware of her own reproductive health – she should chart her periods to determine regularity and also the quantity and state of her menses. A woman should also be shown how to perform breast checks by a breast care nurse or by her family doctor. Any changes in breast tissue, lumps or irregularities should be reported to a health care professional.

Other Various Home Health Care Checks
Other health checks that are available to people can be purchased from a pharmacy or drug store, and these can include bowel cancer screening tests, and urinary analysis sticks. A health professional should always be consulted regarding these. Pharmacists can also sit down and work with a person to do a home medication check, to ensure that the patient understands the medication he or she is on, the side effects, and work with them to obtain optimum wellness from both prescribed and over the counter medications. This also promotes safety in medication.

If You Have Any Health Concerns Please See Your Doctor
A doctor or nurse practitioner, or other qualified and registered health care professional can advise you with regard to any health concerns or questions you may have, and advise you for your individual needs. Specifically for older populations or for children, they should always be referred to a medical practitioner. Anyone with a chronic health problem, or any ongoing symptoms of concern should always consult a medical professional.