Sinus Congestion is a problem whether it is caused by allergies, or a virus. It can very quickly get out of control, not only making you feel bad but it can also turn into something much worse. Bacteria can form in the mucus, which can become infected. You may have trouble breathing, or feel like you have no energy. This little recipe has helped me get sinus congestion, sinus drain and the sore throat caused by caustic sinus drain under control very quickly so that it does not develop into a something worse. It also stops that hacking cough that is such a pain. Literally. I hope it will work just as well for you.

Boil c cup of water

Add 1 Tablespoon honey (organic, unfiltered & locally grown is best)

Stir until the honey is dissolved

Add 1 Tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar

Put 1 Tablespoon of this into a glass of pure water. Sip liberal.

I personally like more vinegar than shown. So once I have my cup of tea made, I taste it and add more vinegar until I can feel it cutting the post nasal drip from my throat. BUT if you get too much vinegar in, it can close your throat and cause you to choke and have trouble breathing so add the vinegar a little at a time.

I like to sip on this drink all day, and at night I put a cup of it on the bedside table to drink when I wake up with my throat all full of sinus congestion. It cuts it and clears it out enough that I can go back to sleep. You will be surprised how much this simple little recipe helps you get over your sinus crud faster and makes you feel better too.

Here's a couple of other suggestions you can do:

-Increase the pure water you drink to at least 12 cups per day. This does not count teas, juices, sodas, etc. Water is what will help decrease the thickness of the sinus drain, so making it easier to leave your body

-Cut out all sugar. Bacteria and Virus love sugar and multiply quickly when they are present. (And do not go to the diet drinks-they're even worse).

-Put some humidity in the air, either with a humidifier or putting some water on the stove to boil.

These simple things will go a long way to tame that nasty sinus congestion