Age is something everyone has to deal with. Each day each one of us is growing older and there is nothing that we can do to stop that. Although our bodies age our minds do not have to. Several people do some of their best work late in their lives. Many famous people accomplished some amazing feats when they were in the older part of their lives. The following are a few of those people and their accomplishments.

Edgar Rice Burroughs – American Writer

Edgar Rice Burroughs is best known for writing Tarzan and other science fiction novels. He wrote many novels incorporating life on mars including John Carter which was recently made into a film. What very few people know is that at age 66 Burroughs became the oldest war correspondent ever. Burroughs joined the army shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and thought in World War II until the end of the war.

Barbara McLinctock – American Scientist

Barbara McLintock won the Noble Prize in 1983 for Physiology or Medicine. She became the first woman to win the award unshared and she did it at age of 81.

Sir Francis Chichester – English Sailor

At the age of 52 Sir Francis Chichester sailed around the world alone in a 53-foot boat. The boat was intended to be manned by a six-man crew but Sir Chichester piloted the boat on his own. Shortly after this feat he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

JRR Tolkien – English Writer

JRR Tolkien is known for writing The Lord of the Rings books among other works of literature. He makes our list because he was 62 years old when he published The Lord of the Rings series.

Miles Davis – Jazz Musician

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician Miles Davis performed many concerts and sold a lot of albums in his career. However his last final album was performed by him at age 65 just a few weeks before he died.

Noah Webster – Lexicographer

A lexicographer is one that edits and compiles dictionaries. Noah Webster completed the American Dictionary of the English Language when he was 67 years old.

Ed Whitlock – Canadian Long-Distance Runner

Ed Whitlock became the oldest person to run a standard marathon in under three hours at age 69. Whitlock's official time is 2:52:47.

John Glenn – Astronaut

John Glenn was the oldest astronaut recruited with NASA's first initial recruitment for astronauts. He was 40 years old at the time. Glenn was the first American to orbit the earth when he was 44 but the accomplishment that he is most known for is being the oldest man to go to space. In 1998 at age 77, Glenn flew on the Discovery shuttle to earn this honor.

Asa Long – US Checkers Champion

Asa Long became won his first checkers world title in 1934 that would not be his last. Long won the 1984 United States Championship becoming the oldest person to win a US checkers championship. Long continued his career and was a grandmaster for 70 years.

Michelangelo – Italian Sculptor

Michelangelo designed and painted several works of art through his lifetime. This continued all the way up to his last few years. He created the architectural plans for the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli at age 88.

Paul Spangler – US Navy Surgeon

Paul Spangler retired from being a US Navy Surgeon and began the sport of running. During his running career he ran in 14 marathons finishing his 14th at age 92.

Harry Bernstein – Author

Harry Bernstein began writing his only published book The Invisible Wall when he was 93 years old. He began writing the book to cope with the loss of wife. The book was published when he was 96 years old.