Grandmothers are always special. They love us more than anyone. And they care for us more than anyone. Now that she is finding it difficult to even get up from her bed and attend nature's calls on her own, you must be supporting her with the best of your efforts. However, I also understand that you have a full-day office job and a personal life. So, to make sure your granny gets the best care while she is confined to her bed, you may like to consider home health care services.

Why home care by someone else?

First and foremost, you can not manage it all on your own. You need a support when you will not be around your granny. You also need some time to de-stress yourself. Under home health care services, you get round-the-clock support from a trained medical person – often a nurse – who stays with the patient all the time. She'd ensure that your granny takes her medicines on time and faces no problem whatsever in walking around, changing clothes, and attending nature's calls. This is not all. The nurse would also see to it that you do not have to take leaves from your office to take your granny to the doctor for basic tests. The nurse would conduct all the tests on her own that can be done at home. A physician may also visit your granite at regular intervals to monitor her health progress.

The disadvantages –

You have to pay for the home health care services; this is the only visible disadvantage we can think about professional home care. If you can manage this, we think you should seriously consider home health care services .

Where would you find a nursing agency?

They are everywhere. If you are not able to spot one in your area, you may find one online. Just make sure you tell the nursing agency what kind of services you are expecting. Get clear information on their charges as well.

Last, but not the least, speak to your granny and see how comfortable she is with this idea. Sit with her for some time and try to convince her if she shows resistance to the idea of ​​taking help from an outsider. Tell her that you might not be around her all the time; tell her that she'd love the company of the nurse. With a bit of persuasion, you can make your granny agree for home caring.