Bed sores are a common problem for immobile patients, and when a patient can not shift their position when led or sat in the same position for a long period of time, this is when bed sores become a problem.

Areas less padded by fat and muscles, and more bony in nature are likely to be susceptible to bedsores. Parts of the body including: hips, tailbone & heels.

Sheepskin rugs' natural properties help alleviate the pressure on these problem areas while working as the perfect temperature & perspiration regulator, reducing moisture and friction at the same time.

Pressure Reduction: wool fibers Do a great job of redistributing pressure. Standard sheepskin rugs work well for this, though medical sheepskin rugs will work even better as they are a denser material. Each fiber works as a mini spring & when they are multiplied together they work very efficiently.

Temperature and Perspiration Regulator: Temperature affects at the skin are important. Humans when resting eliminate twenty five percent of their basal metabolic rate through the skin. A five percent increase in body temperature can create a thirty five percent increase in metabolic stress, meaning available nutrients to the body are used up. Also as body temperature increases sweating increases. Air zones in wool fibers insulates against the cold while allowing air to circulate when hot. Wool's ability to wick moisture assures the body's natural cooling mechanism of sweating.

Moisture reduction: Moisture build up on and near the skin can lead to maceration of the skin at the surface. This can affect the properties of the skin. Wool is hydrophilic, meaning it wicks away (takes up) moisture from the skin. You will find wool can hold up to a third of its weight as water before feeling wet. A remarkable natural property of wool. It's this property which protects against maceration and will lead to greater comfort.

Friction Reduction: Wool has the great quality of collapsing sideways when shifted. Wool also has a very smooth outer layer. Both these qualities mean friction when moving is disappeared and movement can be made with less resistance. Fur pile will naturally sit to one direction, so resistance will vary depending on whether you are moving “with the grain” or “against the grain”

With all this in mind sheepskin rugs are the perfect remedy for bedsores and for general comfort for immobile patients due to many natural qualities of wool and sheepskin rugs.