Thinking of shaving your genitals? Did you know that there is an increase in the amount of people shaving their genitals? Pubic hair can carry many types of bacteria and is one of the main reason why your pubic area often has a pungent smell. Although it can be scary to bring a sharp object near your pubic area, with some proper guide and time, shaving your genitals is an easy and hygienic thing to do. If you are shaving your genitals for the first time, you'll definitely want to follow this guide closely.

What to avoid

I know there are products out there that can dissolve hair follicles known as depilatories. However, due of the sensitivity of the area surrounding your genitals, it can have adverse effects on your skin. If you would still like to use such a product, always use a small amount as a test to see the after effect and go ahead if nothing happens. Of course, make sure that none of the substance goes into sensitive parts of your penis / vagina.


If you have never shaved your genitals, chances are your pubic hair has already bloomed into a full-fledged forest. It will be quite difficult to remove the hair with an ordinary razor or an electric shaver. Instead, use a body trimmer or a beard trimmer to do so. Of course, make sure to do so only after you have washed the surrounding area. Using the 1/4 “attachment on your beard trimmer, trim the hair surrounding your genitals, making sure to get the hairs that are at your scrotum and your underside. Try to avoid using a pair of scissors because you may accidentally pinch your skin and leave a cut because of the unpredictable uneven surface of your genitals. your time in doing so and not rush this process. You will also want to do this in the bathroom over the toilet bowl or with a rubbish bin by your side unless you want pubic hair all over the floor in your room.


Now that the hair has been trimmed, you'll want to prep the hair for removal. You can either do this by standing in a hot shower or use shaving cream. Apply a generous amount of shaving cream onto the area. Of course, avoid using menthol spotted creams or herbal oil creams unless you want your crotch to be on fire. The cream will help to soften the hair follicles and make it smoother for your blade to run across the hair follicles.

Start shaving

For this process we would normally recommend a safety razor. This ensures that you achieve a close shave and prevent any cuts or nicks from happening. However, you can also use cartridge razors with 3-5 blades. Use light and low pressured strokes on each section of your genitals. Make sure that you also pull the skin to get a flat surface for the blade to work with. Remember to rinse the blade as often as you can as well so that you do not clog up the vision of the blade. When you are shaving the underside of your penis, make sure that you use as little pressure as possible, this will prevent any injury from occurring.

Cleaning up

If you are satisfied with your shave. Rinse off your genitals with some body soap and clean your razor. And of course, clear the hair that is on the floor. The last thing you want to do is to clog up the toilet because of excessive amounts of pubic hair. Dry your equipment and also prepare your genitals for some moisturizer which is an an essential step because of the sensitive skin.


Use any ordinary face moisturizer and apply a thin layer of the substance around your genitals, this will prevent any razor burn and also ensure that you do not get pricked by any stray hair which is a common thing for first timers.

Life after Shaving

It is quite common to feel some itch after a few days so it is a good option to continue applying moisturizers around your genitals for a few days to remove that discomfort. You can also use beard balms as well as an alternative. This will also prevent it from becoming itchy when some of the hair follicles start to appear again and prick your skin. Make sure to shave on a constant basis so that you can avoid all the more complicated steps such as trimming. Shaving your genitals is a hygienic practice and should be done especially if you are sexually active. More than 95% of people surveyed also commented that they will have a better experience during sex especially if the opponent partner has shaved.