During your golden years, one of your prime tasks is to stay fit. Unless you are fit, you will not be able to handle your daily tasks and live life to the fullest. This in turn will lead to mental stress or frustration, which could make life difficult. So, keeping yourself fit and active is the key to happiness. In order to keep yourself fit and active, you need to get involved in some physical activities. Physical activities should include lifestyle activities, activities that have a lower impact and your hobbies that may give your muscles some exercise. You should also opt for mental exercises to keep your brain alert and active, which would let you stay aware of the surroundings and enjoy life to the optimum.

Here are some ways to stay fit in your 60s:

Lifestyle Activities

With time, people in their 60s and above think that they should cut down on the lifestyle activities that they are used to. But this should not be the case. People who love gardening should continue with it, because it is going to let them stay close to the nature and give their muscles the much-needed exercise. In fact, some trainers say that rather than going to the gym where you will be restricted to a certain set of physical exercises, working in your yard is much better as it will give you the benefits of exercise and a dose of enjoyment as an additional perk.

Low Impact Activities

Most elderly people suffer from joint pain in the knee, shoulders, legs etc. So, when you plan to stay active and fit in your 60s, you should consider the activities that will have a low impact on your body. Activities like swimming, walking and yoga will ensure your fitness without giving you pain in the knee, back or joints.

Eat Healthy Foods

While you're in 60s, you should have healthy foods which help to build bone density and meet your body's fiber requirements. Eating almonds is a good way to maintain the magnesium requirement of the body. Oats help a lot to lower your cholesterol level. Canned tomatoes reduce chances of having several types of cancer. For lowering constipation, you should have prunes. In brief, make sure to have a balanced blend of fresh and seasonal fruits as well as vegetables as part of your daily diet, and you can steer clear of many ailments that are triggered by poor meal choices.

Exercise Your Brain

Staying fit in your 60s is not all about good physical health. You need to be mentally alert and sound as well. Therefore, solve quizzes and puzzles, join a club or language class, learn new things, meet new people, work for charitable organizations etc to give your brain cells some exercise.

As you grow older, your body's ability to fight ailments and recover from diseases / accidents will decrease. But this does not mean that you should stop living. Rather, you should take care of your health, stick to a regular exercise routine, eat nutritious food and enjoy the company of your loved ones to feel good in whatever you do.

The approach towards your life should always be positive and if you love what you are doing, staying fit at 60s will be a cakewalk.