When the heat is on, some people will do just about anything to keep cool. If it's not illegal, immoral or viable to frighten the horses, anything can and does happen. Here are a few creative ways to stay cool in the summer.

Stay wet

When you take a shower or a dip in the swimming pool, do not be too keen to dry off. Stay outdoors and dry naturally in the shade to stay cool for longer. Keep a small spray bottle of water in the fridge for regular spritzing during the day. Or you could sit with your feet in a bowl of cool water. That will make your whole body feel cooler.

Chill out

When you're going about your daily business, it's not practical to stay wet, and at work, it's just not professional. The thing to do is freeze some gel coolers – the sort that fit around wine bottles or drinks cans to keep them cool. Then place them in pockets, or maybe between your underwear and your clothes. Beneath the armpits or near the wrists or waist are good places. If you're wearing a sunhat, put one underneath it.

Strip off

Do your chores in a bikini, or if your home is secluded and you're very brave, work in the nude. Do not forget to put some clothes on before you answer the door to any callers, though!

Use a hot water bottle

Fill a hot water bottle with iced water, and put it in the bed to cool it down before you settle down for the night. Then slide it into your pillow case to keep your face and neck cool while you sleep. You can also place an iced water filled hot water bottle inside a cushion cover and sit on it. For some strange reason, if the backs of the knees are cool, then so is the whole body ,.

Chill bed linen, clothing and jewelery

Fold an empty duvet cover and the matching pillow cases, place them in a self-closing plastic bag, and put this in the freezer for a couple of hours before bedtime. The linen should stay cool for long enough to enable you to get to sleep. Before you go to bed, pick out your clothes for the following day, place them in another bag, and put them in the fridge overnight. You can do the same with some items of jewelery. It will be really cool on your skin, and it will take some time to return to ambient temperature.

Provided you can think outside the box a little, it's possible to come up with many unusual ways to keep cool in the summer heat and enjoy the sunshine.