In the 1960s, you could call a doctor to your house with a phone call. The trend changed with time. It became difficult for doctors to travel for long distance to visit patients. With expansion in medical services, more medical practitioners worked in group practices and medical care. With time, the burden on the US healthcare system is increasing with patients finding it difficult to visit hospitals and doctors offices. As a result, the number of doctors turning towards house calls is also increasing. The treatment today is more about hospital stay. Emergency cases, patients turn towards hospitals for reliable care.

Patients also go to emergency rooms, nearby clinics in case doctors are not available for house calls. People receive individualized care in hospitals. With increasing hospital visits, people began to approach concierge doctors to save time on treatment, and to avoid hospital stay. Patients are also diverted to ambulatory clinics for increased patient volume to hospitals.

The trend of calling doctors to come homes is now revving again with more physicians opting to become house call doctors. The reimbursements received by house call doctors is also increasing. The trend of doctors / doctors at home is back because home is where the patient care is needed. After 1960s, doctors were making less house calls to patients because of pressures related to time and money. Home visits help doctors in diagnosing and treating health conditions. The healthcare costs are increasing in the US, and patients are moving towards concierge medicine to deal with it. The average life span of Americans is longer, and elderly need to pay more for health care. The trend is expected to continue for many years. House call programs require a structure for it to work on a large scale, for them to work for doctors and patients. An estimate says 4000 doctors made more than two million in 2010.

House call doctors attend to patients with fever, stomach pain, injury which needs stitches, and other patient complaints. Such diseases can be treated by concierge physicians, but emergency room visits also include these complaints. Many reputed companies in the US run physician call services for employees. Doctors and nurses are sent to employees with computers to diagnose and treat health problems. It uses computer programs to find out cases which can be evaluated by doctors at house. The trend of physician calls have also done on because it brings down hospitalization instructions.