Scenario # 1

A mild incontinent woman wakes up in the middle of the night to urinate. On the way to the bathroom, she drips urine on the floor. She makes it to the bathroom, uses the toilet, and starts walking back to bed. On her way, she slips in dripped urine on the floor, falls, and suffers a broken pelvis and broken wrist, resulting in a hospital and nursing home stay, and an indefinite reliance on a mobility safety aid (walker).

Scenario # 2

A mild to moderately incontinent man with poor mobility gets up frequently during the night to use the toilet. Many times, the man is in a rush so as not to wet the bed. More often than not, the man falls on his way to the toilet. Thankfully, none of the falls have asserted in any significant injuries. However, with each fall, the paramedics must be called to assess the situation and assist the man back to bed, and the family is notified of the incident.

Both of the above scenarios are true and represent the relationship between night time incontinence and safety. In both cases, incontinence and urgency resolved in a fall, with one sustaining injuries with recurring implications. In both cases, the falls could have been claimed using the appropriate incontinence product.

Using a night time incontinence product that is ill-fitting and / or not enough absorbent can result in a person creating their own fall hazard at their feet, in the form of a puddle or wetness on the floor. Likewise, if a person is in a rush to get to the bathroom before leaking, he / she is at an increased risk for a fall due to unsafe mobility practices. Overnight incontinence products, such as those offered by Tranquility and Prevail, can greatly reduce the risk of falls at night due to their superior absorbency and fit.

In the above 2 scenarios, solutions and results were realized. In scenario # 1 the woman started using a maximum absorbency pad by Prevail and her future fall risk was significantly reduced. In scenario # 2 the man started using Tranquility Overnight Underwear, and his incidence of falls at night while going to the bathroom declined to zero. In both cases, the individuals started using the appropriate incontinence products for their situations and greatly affected their safety.

When purchasing any incontinence products, you can usually find the best prices online from a secure website. Make sure that you purchase your products from an encrypted website so that your account details are kept confidential. You will see various encryption seals like VeriSign,, GoDaddy and others as well as a Privacy Policy clause that protects your identity, address, and credit card information.