Nasal Polyps Treatment Options That You Can Apply At Home

Treating nasal polyps is not just about trying to get rid of them entirely. There is a surgery that can help you with this, but most people do not worry about the surgical procedure without the polyps present a chronic problem. In fact, they can grow in size and be quite an issue when they become inflated over and over again. So in order to eliminate your nasal polyps or keep them from being a major issue, try out these tips for nasal polyps treatment.

Many different things in your environment, diet and more can cause inflammation of existing nasal polyps. And, these things can cause the formation of polyps as well. So when it comes to natural nasal polyps treatments, you need to be taking on a full-fledged approach.

One herbal remedy that you definitely want to use is turmeric because it helps in two major ways. For starters, it's an anti-inflammatory, and secondly, it is also an antioxidant, which can help big time. One more thing you might not know about turmeric is that it works as a decongestant, which of course helps with your airways and that fluid buildup.

Garlic has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties just like the turmeric, but it also an antibacterial and works to get rid of mucus buildup in your nasal cavities. This is one thing that leads to the formation of polyps in your nasal canal. As you learn more about the science behind these polyps, you're able to understand more of what you can do.

Oranges and dandelion are two other natural remedies. You'll find out even more if you poke around, and you'll also realize how you can change to a healthier diet in general to make a dramatic effect. But get started with these ideas first!

Dandelion is available in an essential oil, and so that is how you can work that into your daily regimen. If you can prevent flare-ups and inflammation of your nasal polyps, you'll probably never notice that they're there in the first place. The vitamin C is what is in the oranges that helps, among other things.

You can also get a steroid spray instead of opting for surgery, but just remember how many natural solutions are available to you before you jump the gun. Why make things more difficult or more expensive than they need to be? It's always beneficial to do some research and analysis first before deciding on any treatment plan.

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A Look at the Best Natural Alternative for Ulcer Medication

Nexium or Esmeprazole is one of the most common prescription medines handed out by medical professionals all over the world to treat stomach acid. It is one of the best ways to deal with heartburn associated with stomach problems and it also deals with gastroesophagael issues, but it does come with its fair share of side effects as well. First, let's take a closer look at what Nexium does and to get a better understanding of what we should be using instead as a natural remedy.

Nexium is in essence a proton pump inhibitor intended to provide relief from any kind of chronic heartburn that is caused by acid reflux disease. It is also highly effective in dealing with an erosive esophagitis and any kind of damage caused to the esophagus by it. It can easily prevent and treat ulcers due to Helicobacter pyroli bacteria that can be caused due to consumption of drugs that deal with inflammation. Many doctors prescribe this medicine to help with the treatment but despite its many advantages and helpful factors, it also comes with its fair share of side effects that can crop up and sometimes they can also get a bit adverse and cause health problems that you might not want to deal with if you tend to have other medical conditions.


One of the best ways to herbally deal with peptic ulcers and GERD is through the use of licorice. It is a natural alternative for Nexium . Not in the state that we are accredited to having it but in a more natural deglycyrrhizinated form where all of the helpful benefits of this not so liked 'candy' that people love to hate. Whenever you buy licorice try to look for the abbreviation DGL on the labels that are included to know if you should be getting it. According to various studies it has been found out that people who took licorice root liquid experienced significant improvements to their ulcer conditions and have been able to recover in a matter of weeks. It can take up to six weeks which is only slightly more than what normal medication offers but not having to deal with side effects is something that is a good tradeoff for the extra time that is needed. There is an herbal formula called Iberogast which is known to contain licorice and can help with GERD symptoms according to research. There are many patients who have claimed that it has led to complete disappearance of ulcer for them in many cases. It is only preliminary research and nothing has been confirmed so far but the results are very promising and it can serve as another natural alternative for Nexium.


Marshmallow is another herb that is known to contain mucilage which can help with ulcers and it is very effective in soothing the mucous membranes of digestive system as well as respiratory systems according to UMHS. It is best consumed with hot or cold tea to allow high levels of effectiveness.

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How To Improve The Immune System Naturally

The Natural Solution to Immune System Problems

The battle of viruses and bacteria is underway in your own body. Your immune system is constantly under siege by toxins and chemicals that come from the environment. More chemicals are being manufactured in factories, so you have to be careful about everything you bring into your body. Super-bugs form when the body resists antibiotics, so even the effectiveness of modern medicine is not guaranteed. Without any medication, learn a few basic ways to improve your body's immune system naturally.

Find Natural Ways to Protect Your Immunity

To put it simply, your immune system is your only line of defense against diseases and infections. The immune response is automatically triggered by your body whenever toxic invaders are found. If your immune system is weakened or unresponsive, you are more likely to get sick and develop a serious, life-threatening disease.

There is the common flu and then there are cancers and viral diseases. Many diseases are springing up and increasing the complexity of the medical industry. Another problem could be that bacteria are becoming more resistant to medication, but that is not an issue. The main issue is that people are not getting the proper nutrition and exercise that they need to stay healthy.

There are many ways to strengthen your immune responses and prevent yourself from getting sick. There are at least four natural solutions that will improve your health.

  1. Eat plants / greens : Usually, if it is green, you should eat it. Plants and vegetables are common in every healthy person's diet. It is impossible to be healthy and avoid eating greens at the same time. The vegetables are all natural and contain vitamins and minerals that are needed for your immune system to work properly. There are no toxins found in natural, uncooked greens and no side effects after consumption.
  2. Take a multivitamin : In one multivitamin, have every one of the dozens of vitamins and minerals that you need for optimal health. Get rid of the free radicals that wreak havoc in the body and remove the toxins that turn into cancer cells. Detoxify your body and improve your cardiovascular system to prevent heart disease. All of these benefits are found in a simple daily dosage.
  3. Meditate often : The art of meditation is an ancient one that has recently become more modern. People are enthusiastic about yoga and exercise because the results are immense. When you exercise regularly, you improve the cardiovascular system and boost the immune system. When you meditate, you improve your mental health by clearing up the mind. You focus less on the stress that causes you to develop many diseases. It takes only half an hour to meditate and start feeling the effects.
  4. Use Aloe Vera products: Aloe Vera is a plant found in many over-the-counter cosmetics and medicines. As a plant, it contains phytochemicals and bio active compounds that many people believe are beneficial to health. As a herbal supplement, it has a variety of antioxidants and immunity boosters. Aloe Vera is often marketed in gels, lotions, creams and supplements.

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Five Ways to Help With Home Care From a Distance

As children get older, they often begin to stress about their parents' health and well-being. Particularly, when adult children live far away and not just down the street, the fear and worry about how a parent is doing can feel almost overwhelming. By planning ahead and doing a little bit of research, home care from a distance can be as easy as providing it from next door. Here are five steps to address a loved one's home care while out-of-town.

1. Assess

Determine all of the needs of the parent. Is driving still an option? Are bills being managed? Has grocery shopping become burdensome? Are personal hygiene, eyesight, and weight being maintained? Has cooking and keeping house become difficult? Check on medicines and make sure all are being taken on time. As parents age, asking an adult child to take on additional responsibilities can feel complicated and burdensome. Be better prepared to step in, offer help, and find solutions by gaining a greater awareness of daily life and personal habits.

2. Modify

On the next visit, make minor adjustments on an as-needed basis. Sometimes a bathroom grab bar can be installed, or a non-slip mat for the bathtub can be purchased to make bathing easier. Clean hard-to-reach appliances and vacuum behind heavy furniture. Check light bulbs and replace any that have burnt out. Complete a quick assessment of property conditions. Do gutters need to be cleared of debris? Is the lawn overgrown? Will an apartment on a lower level be available in the near future? Taking on big-picture tasks can significantly improve a living environment and relieve stress.

3. Connect

Build relationships and engage with an extended community at parental social functions or religious events. Go ahead and meet neighbors. Ask to leave contact information and inquire about the possibility of routine check-ins. If some form of home care is already being provided, get to know those who are assisting. Attend doctor appointments. Be involved and ask questions. Being present and letting the doctor put a face to a name will communicate health advocacy.

Stay in Touch

Understand that support extends beyond the visit. Add the loved one's friends to an existing social network. Communicate via email, social media, text, and video chat. Consider purchasing a device that would make talking easy, fun, and accessible. Send photos, greeting cards, and kids' artwork-anything to increase engagement.

5. Plan

Be proactive and develop a document that clearly outlines a course of action. Develop an arrangement for handling emergency situations. Create a shared calendar of doctor's appointments, due dates for bills and account information, important dates, and upcoming events. Share end-of-life wishes, even if it is a difficult topic to bring up. Discuss important matters with siblings and listen to feedback. Enable everyone to voice concerns and suggestions. Finally, consider hiring home care specialists, discussing long-term finances with an estate planner, and looking into local advocacy services for the elderly.

Being far away does not mean keeping a distance. Get creative: even the simplest strategies make a world of difference.

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Personal Care Homes Offer a Much-Needed Alternative to Traditional Long-Term Care Options

While the Pew Research Center records that the United States population doubled between the years 1950-2010, that population growth has slowed considering, and seniors are an increasing demographic. By 2025, seniors are expected to make up about 18% of the United States' population. Additionally, the US Census Bureau reports that currently, an estimated 17% of Americans have a disability that causes their functionality to be limited. Whereas in the past, options were quite limited for people who needed assistance with everyday life tasks, today there are more choices.

What Are Personal Care Homes?

The definition and regulations vary from state to state, but generally, these residences accommodate four or more unrelated persons who live in semi-private or private rooms and maintain as much independence as their physical and mental conditions will allow. Unlike nursing homes, clients may be able to bring some furniture and other personal belongings to make their rooms more personalized and comfortable. Some even allow pets.

The staff assists with the essential tasks of daily living such as dressing, bathing, and going to the bathroom. Meals are often provided by the staff, and clients are relieved of the burden of daily housekeeping tasks. It is also common for the staff to organize recreational activities and outings for residents who can no longer drive. This option is a good choice for elderly and disabled persons who do not require extensive daily medical treatment but would benefit from assistance with basic tasks.

What Are Some Payment Options?

Because people have different financial circumstances, there are a variety of ways to pay the expenses. Keep in mind that costs vary based on factors such as room privacy and amenities. In most cases, Medicare will not cover the cost, but Medicaid is a possibility if certain criteria are met. A study conducted by the Pennsylvania Health Law Project found that 20% of residents are Social Security recipients or have an income gross equivalent to Social Security benefits. Another possibility is long-term care insurance, a relatively recent addition to the insurance market that allows adults to plan their future and be prepared should old age or a disability limit their abilities.

What Are Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Personal Care Home?

Cost is an obvious consideration, but aside from budget limitations, there are other factors to help clients make the right choice for them. Be sure to visit the places on the list at different hours of the day and observe the residents, the staff, and the activities to ensure that the client is comfortable with the environment. Learn about the type and frequency of the social and recreational activities each facility offers to be sure that the prospective client's activity level is a match. Tour the rooms and talk to the staff. Be sure to meet the residents not only to gather information about the facility but also to decide if the potential client will be compatible with the current residents.

In modern times, we are living longer. Personal care homes provide the help that some elderly and disabled persons may need to continue to live a happy, healthy life. They also present an alternative to moving in with or relying on relatives for help. As the United States grows older, it is important that we examine our choices and make informed decisions about the type of assistance we or our relatives may need. Life need not stop because old age or a disability limits a person's abilities. There are plenty of fresh alternatives to consider.

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Citronella Oil Benefits for Kids

Citronella oil is one of the most widely used essential oils in both aromatherapy and commercial products. Citronella with its many benefits is commercially used in preservatives, deodorants, mosquito repellents etc. What has stayed out of the lime light are citronella oil benefits for kids. The most intensive use of citronella oil for kids is in a mosquito repellent. Multiple brands have come up with bands, patches, candles, diffusers that use citronella as the active ingredient to ward of mosquitoes. Citronella is the most widely used natural mosquito repellent given its efficiency.

Here are some lesser known benefits of citronella oil for kids

1. Mosquito repellent: Citronella works by masking the smells that mosquitoes use to locate humans. Citronella oil has a rather lemony citrus smell that mosquitoes tend to avoid. Citronella mosquito repellents include patches, bands, creams, lotions, gels, candles, diffusers, vaporizers etc. of these the bands and patches are the most efficient ones. Bands and patches are easy to use either slapped on the hand and ankle, stuck on clothes, caps strollers etc. The only drawback with these is the fact that they need frequent re-application. Apart from that these are by far the safest mosquito repellents for kids.

2. Antiseptic: Citronella has antiseptic properties. It sanitizes wounds and prevails infection. It is Mother Nature's own antiseptic. However, one should exercise caution about the amount and method of using citronella oil as an antiseptic for the young ones. Citronella while mostly safe can cause allergies, irritation and itching on the skin if not used with proper caution. A few drops of citronella oil can be added to the water used to clean wounds and also when cleaning floors to sanitize the surface.

3. Deodorant: A lot of kids as they grow older tend to have body odor issues due to hormonal changes and food habits. Citronella is an effective natural deodorant. It's best that kids stay away from alcohol and chemical laden deo sprays that can cause health issues for them. Use a couple of drops of good quality citronella essential oil in the bath water to tackle body odor issues naturally. Plus it leaves the kids smelling citrusy fresh all day long

4. Mood elevator: Kids tend to have their gloomy days. Nothing better than diffusing some drops of citronella to elevate their mood. It is a known anti-depressant. It helps kids feel happier and up lifts their mood without them even knowing. It is a good way to wake kids up to the smell of citronella. It helps keep them more alert and active.

Citronella while inherently safe, is still a very potent essential oil that is absorbed in the body. Adequate caution should be practiced by adults when considering use of this oil for kids, since they have delicate systems. Citronella oil when used properly will help resolve a lot of kid's health problems. So be wise, stay educated and do not experiment till you have mastered the art of using essential oils especially for kids and avail the citronella oil benefits .

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Stair Lift Installation

For many people, having a stair lift installed in their home is the chance to regain or retain their freedom, even though their mobility may be reduced because of age, sickness or an injury. Whether the reduced mobility is permanent or temporary, having one of these devices in the home can make a significant difference, with many people able to fully enjoy their property thanks to them.

There are many different types of stair lift, ranging from curved lifts to straight ones, and the latter can also be placed on a curved stairwell for a more economical option compared to a more expensive curved device. Both of these types of items will need to be installed professionally for best results and so that the equipment can be used safely and effectively.

Usually, stair lift installation is organized by the company that has sold the lift to the customer, and professional engineers and technicians will ensure that the device is put into place as quickly and as safely as possible. For curved stair equipment this can take longer due to the customized shape of the device, whereas straight lifts tend to be a much simpler affair.

Regardless of the device that you have chosen, preparing for the equipment to be installed is very important. This includes making some preparations in your home for your own comfort and ease of use as well as making sure the space is ready for technicians to work in.

You will need first of all to get a plan of how the stair lift installation is going to be carried out in order for you to prepare your stairwell and your home. Usually, the technician or engineer that will be doing the work will explain thoroughly and carefully what is going to happen so that you can carry out any preliminary tasks.

The basic tasks that will generally need to be undertaken include clearing the way for the lift to be installed. This also includes clearing the passes so that the technician can carry all his or her equipment through the property to the stairwell to carry out the installation.

Many people are concerned that they will need to lift up their stair carpet for stair lift installation to take place, but this is generally not the case. Only in very exceptional circumstances will this be required, although it is worth asking your technician in advance just in case.

Normally, the device is placed over the carpet, so there is no need to lift any carpet or lift any of your wallpaper. Instead, the essential thing to make sure of is that the area is free of furniture, wall hangings, tools and other equipment or decorations so that the technician can work comfortably without risking damaging any of your property.

You will also need to consider that installing one of these devices can mean a lot of dust is created, so you will need to be prepared to cover any furniture with dust sheets and sometimes arrange for a professional cleaner to come to your property on the day after the installation has been completed. You will also need to air your property to rid it of dust after the installation.

It is also a good idea to think about installing telephones, emergency alerts and intruder alerts at the top and bottom of your stairs, as this will help you if you find yourself stranded up or down in the case that your new lift malfunctions.

If necessary, arrange for a family member or care professional help you organize all of these things so that you are well prepared in advance of your stair lift installation. By making sure there is plenty of space for your technician to work, ensuring that dust and dirt is cleaned up afterwards and that you have safety devices both up and down, you will be ready to enjoy your new lift.

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Types of Underpads Used in Hospitals and Homes

The two primary types of underpad used in hospitals are disposable underpads and washable or reusable underpads. In this article, we will discuss the features of these two types of underpads in more detail. Here, it must be stated that despite the largest consumers of these products are hospitals and nursing homes, individuals with bed-ridden patients, disabled or elderly individuals or even those with babies at home can and do use these pads.

The disposable underpads as their name suggests, are meant for one time use. They are available in a range of construction types and sizes. They usually contain a waterproof plastic material for the bottom, a middle layer designed to absorb liquid and a top layer made from a soft and comfortable fabric. The middle layer usually houses multiple layers of tissue to absorb fluids. The topmost layer of these units come in contact with the patient's body, therefore manufacturers use materials such as cotton that will make patients are comfortable while using their disposable underpads. You will also come across pieces in which the top sheets are made up of tissues or a tear-resistant spun-bond material that allows for movement without fear of ripping the pad.

There are some disposable underpads carrying top sheets attached to the plastic layer at the bottom by means of an adhesive. Then, there are others with two sides roled and glued to ensure that the liquid comes out only from the side in case the pad overfills. Experts refer to this process as channeling. The pads adopting this process are known to be more absorbent compared to the other underpads available on the market. You can get all these disposable underpads in a range of sizes; so, purchasing pads that match your body, bed or chair size will be simple.

Now, we will be talking about the washable or reusable underpads. These pieces are classified based on factors such as absorbency, materials, and size. The term absorptiness refers to the volume of urine or bodily fluid that an underpad is capable of holding. The material used for crafting the absorbent layer is a kind of absorbing polymer.

The quantity of polymer used and the material's density are two factors that decide how much liquid the underpad is capable of absorbing; basically, the underpad's urine holding capacity. Here, it must be noted that one should never confuse an underpad's absorbency level with its size. A pad that's large in length and width might not absorb the most urine.

After absorbing the urine, reusable underpads need to secure it in a liquid-proof barrier. This is essential to prevent the urine from soaking through the bedding. These liquid proof barriers are made either of urethane or of vinyl. The vinyl structures, although more cost-effective, are not breathable; additionally; they can take a lot of time to fully dry. The urethane structures are more expensive, but do not have the issues we generally associate with vinyl underpads.

Now, let's discuss the appropriate size of underpads. When buying an underpad, you must ensure that you have at least 6 to 10 inches around your waist ie the target zone. This stands true for both underpad types, disposable and reusable and allows sufficient coverage to adequately contain fluids. Smaller sized pads are designed for use in chairs and make excellent absorbers in baby cribs or on diaper changing tables. Many hospitals use small pads in bassinets for easy clean up.

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Important Things to Consider When Looking at Second Hand Stairlifts

When it comes to buying a stairlift for the home, you do not have to buy brand new, there are many second hand stairlifts available on the market. Of course as with buying anything second hand, there are important factors to take into consideration, including the lift is going to provide you with years of use without any major problems.

You have the option to purchase directly from a seller or you can consider buying second hand stairlifts from one of the reputable stairlift specialists that operate in your area. When you purchase a car, you know that buying from a dealer with provide you with a host of benefits and peace of mind, the same applies when buying a used stairlift. Buying from one of the suppliers will provide you with a reconditioned until that has been thoroughly checked and serviced.

The first thing you need to focus on is the condition of the unit. While you expect some minor wear and tear, maybe a slight tear in the seat or a scratch here or there, mechanically the lift should be in sound working condition.

Consider the make and the type of lift. If you have a straight staircase then you will need a different stairlift than if you have a curved staircase. This can make your search daunting. You will find that the suppliers who specialize in second hand stairlifts will have a selection for you to choose from, helping you find the perfect match based on your particular needs.

Try and only buy from an experienced seller with years of knowledge and experience in the second hand stairlifts industry. They will be the best people to provide you with advice, make recommendations and help you find the perfect match to meet your needs. They will be able to explain the different chairs and models, the different operating toggle switches, helping you identify which one will be the easiest for you to use now and in the future. They will also discuss who will be using the lift and if it is more than one person, they will help you come to a decision based on both party's mobility issues and needs.

Further, buying from a reputable supplier that specializes in second hand stairlifts will receive a reconditioned model. This means that it has been used, they purchased it from one of their clients and thoroughly checked and tested the unit. The company would then service the unit, replace any broken parts and ensure it is in optimum working condition before selling it on, which can provide you with peace of mind.

In addition to this, when buying second hand stairlifts that have been reconditioned, they usually come with a warranty, the same you would get if you were buying new. This can provide you with further peace of mind that the mechanical side of the unit is completely protected should something go wrong, saving you money in the long run.

Another consideration you are going to want to think about is whether you are buying from someone that can provide you with installation. Installing a stairlift is a detailed process, which should only be carried out by someone who has knowledge and experience and can pay close attention to detail to ensure that it is installed to the highest standard.

Of course, the benefit to choosing this option over a new option is that you can save money. Reconditioned or second hand stairlifts are always cheaper than the new models and when buying from a specialist, you still enjoy the same benefits as though you were buying new, just at a fraction of the price.

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Three Reasons Why In-Home Care Services Are the Winning Choice

Caring for an elderly friend or family member is an incredibly difficult task. With the advances in medical technology, it is also a duty that affects more and more families every year. In fact, as of 2013, nearly 15% of the population in the United States was over 65. That number will only continue to grow. So what options are available to care for the elderly and disabled? The most common choices are assisted living homes and nursing homes. However, the third option of in-home care services is often the best choice for families. Here are three reasons why.


The average assisted living facility costs around $ 40,000 per year. A nursing home, which provides more intensive around the clock care, costs roughly $ 60,000 per year. Most patients will split around five years between the two types of facilities. This equates to a cost of $ 200,000 to $ 300,000. On the other hand, a personal attendant makes about $ 30,000 per year. And when you have in-home care services, you are simply paying for the employee, and not for the facility.

Easier Transition

For many elderly patients, the move from their house of many years to an assisted living facility can be shocking. In some cases, it can even cause a rift amongst family members who disagree with the decision. On the other hand, the idea of ​​having a personal attendant to help with day-to-day tasks is much easier for many people to accept. It is also a transition that can be gradual. If the patient simply needs help with running errands and performing chores a few times a week, in-home care services can help during those times. As the patient begins to need assistance more often, the amount of care can be increased as well.

Recognizable Environment.

Another advantage of in-home care services is that the patient will not be forced to learn a new schedule or living area. By keeping people in their own homes, little mental strain is required to perform day-to-day activities. For people who have been living in the same residence for decades, it is second nature where their stationary is, how to work the shower, and how to operate the television. Placing them in a new environment, with new people, can lead to confusion and trepidation. Furthermore, familiarity with a house means there is less of a chance of a physical accident such as tripping over a chair in the dark.

In conclusion, there are no easy choices when it comes to ensconcing the well-being of a disabled or eldly family member. However, of the choices available, in-home care services are the least disruptive to the life of the patient, as well as being the most cost-effective.

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Home Health Care – Eat To Beat The Common Cold

Feeling like you might be under the weather? If a viral infection of your upper respiratory tract has taken you out, chances are the last thing you feel like doing is eating. Your appetite is down, your throat is scratchy, and if you have a stuffed up nose, eating means the only way you have to get in the air is now temporarily blocked. It's not a pleasant experience at all. That said, if you want to make a speedy recovery, eating will be a big part of the plan. Food gives your body the fuel it needs to fight off the viral infection, getting you on the road to recovery.

What's more is particular foods can help cure a common cold faster than others. Let's look at the best foods to be eating if you want to beat that infection …

1. Garlic. While not classed as food, if you add garlic to as many dishes as you do eat, you will be much better off. Garlic is a potent immune booster and can also help kill undesired infections in your body as well. Garlic kills unwanted viruses and bacteria thanks to the level of allicin it contains: allicin is an active component that offers antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

2. Sweet Potatoes. To help give you an energizing boost, sweet potatoes should be your go-to. You do need to eat some carbs while trying to beat a cold even if you are not very active right now; it's these carbs that will give you the energy you need to fight the infection.

Sweet potatoes are great because not only will they help to keep your blood sugar levels stable, but also they're also a very rich source of vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining your mucosal surfaces. Since these mucosal surfaces are your first defense against infection, they'll help prevent any further unwanted viruses or bacteria from entering your body.

3. Kale. Preparing yourself a kale salad is another excellent idea when you are down with the common cold. Kale is very rich in vitamin C content, which plays a critical role in restoring a healthy immune system.

A high intake of vitamin C while you are suffering from a cold can help you lower the overall duration of your cold, helping you get back to feeling better.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup. Finally, the old saying is true: “chicken noodle soup can cure a cold.” The hot liquid will help soothe your sore throat as well as clear up some of the congestion. The recovery is thanks to the fact the hot liquid will raise your internal body temperature which helps loosen mucus secretions in your airways.

Plus, it's easier to drink soup with a painful throat.

So there you have the top foods to eat next time you feel under the weather with the common cold. Serve these foods and you'll be back to your usual healthy self in no time.

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Products That Will Keep You Cool This Summer

The heat is on. With this unbearable heat you do not really know what to drink; some say coffee and tea will cool you down while others say that cold drink is better. It is up to you. Cooling down is easy, so stock up on different refreshing summer drinks.

Buy ice tea in bulk and experience the exotic flavors. Lipton Ice Tea is available in 500 ml or 1 liter bottles and can be bought in bulk or individually. The light variety of flavors are normally sugar free. If you prefer to make your own, you can use Fresh Pac Rooibos tea bags. Add your favorite fruit pieces, some honey, a few ice cubes and, voila, your own ice tea.

For a more refreshing summer, buy your cold drinks and other cold beverages in bulk from your trusted cash and carry wholesaler. You will save if you buy in bulk plus you can get other refreshments while you are there.

Cool water drinks can be bought in bulk for home or office use, too. There are different types of bottled water available such as flavored, sparkling or distilled options. Bottled water is best as it is purified and safe to drink. It is available in 500 ml or 1.5 liters bottles which are recyclable. The 500 ml bottles of water such as Avian, Nestle, and Aqua Penne are small enough to carry and use at gyms. It can easily be disposed of in a recycling bin near you. The 5 liters bottles of water can be stored for later use and have a carry handle for convenient cleaning.

The soda beverages are available in different flavors and sizes. These beverages are available in 500 ml, 1 liter and 2 liter plastic bottles, which are not refundable. The 1.5 liter glass bottle is supplied in a crate and the bottles are refundable. These cases can carry 12 glass bottles at a time and can be used to buy cold drinks in bulk.

If you prefer juice instead of soda, your local wholesaler can supply a variety of juices. Fruit juices are available in different flavors. They are packaged in 400 ml cartons, 1 liter cartons or in a bulk pack of 6 cartons. Concentrated juices are available in bottles of 1 to 5 liters and can be mixed with purified water. Remember your beverages are best enjoyed when chilled.

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How to Permanently Get Rid of Dandruff at Home

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flaking of skin to appear which may be marked by itching. Human skin cells are forever renewing themselves. As skin cells in the scalp are renewed, the old (dead) ones are pushed to the surface and then out of the scalp; they are literally expelled. For people with dandruff, the new cells are produced at a faster rate than they die, resulting in more skin being shed, making dandruff more noticeable. Excessive flaking may be caused by an underlying illness or condition, such as psoriasis, a fungal infection (Malassezia), seborrheic dermatitis, dry skin, not shampooing often enough or even head lice. Let's read about a few ingredients that can help in dandruff treatment at home.

Lemon – Malassezia is a fungus and is associated with a number of dermatological disorders including dandruff. Lemon contains various flavonoids, which are known for their antibacterial activity and thus help in controlling dandruff by acting against these species. Lemon also helps balance pH levels and reduces excess oils that can be a factor in dandruff. A mild lemon juice rinse effectively cleans away leftover soap or chemicals that can cause itching and flaking. Additionally, using lemon on dandruff problems provides an antibacterial action.

Egg whites – Antimicrobial (against fungus and bacteria's) properties of the proteins present in egg white helps in the treatment of dandruff at home. Although, most of the proteins present antimicrobial activity, lysozyme is one of the most important enzyme present in egg white. It initiates events of cell death (including bacteria and fungi) by breaking their cell wall and thus exposing the weak cell membrane to the environment causing reduced in the dandruff causing fungi.

Camphor – Camphor is known to reduce dandruff which is attributed to the germicide, disinfectant, anti-microbial and insecticide properties of Camphor oil. Their mechanism of action has most often been attributed to the disturbance of microbial membranes, disabling the proton motive force, electron flow, and active transport and resulting in the coagulation of intracellular contents. Anti-fungal effect of camphor extracts acts through inhibition of production of vital components of the cell membrane of the fungus. This disables the fungal cell membrane permeability, and inhibits the activity of the yeast. This, in turn, results in fewer young cells that are made in the skin, and then prevails the creation of scales (dandruff).

Coconut oil – Fatty acids and their derivatives present in coconut oil disruptions the lipid membranes of the organisms and thus deactivate them. Coconut oil contains 3 different fatty acids (Caprylic acid, capric acid, and lauric acid) have potent antifungal properties that all work against fungi. Lauric acid is a powerful natural yeast-fighting substances that body converts into monocaprin and monolaurin when acted upon by certain enzymes, which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Lauric acid is known to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi that are enveloped in aphospholipid membrane of cells thatby help in controlling dandruff.

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Natural Ingredients to Treat Cough at Home

Cough is one of the most common problems which can affect any person at any time due to the infection of bacteria. In fact, most of the people are suffering from the cough, which is generally coming with the problem of cold. Coughing is a natural impulse of the body to eliminate the mucus in excess of the blocking the lungs and passes therein. However, the cough makes some inconvenience to the person when they are speaking in public or anywhere else. Furthermore, it can also affect the throat, chest pain and more. While, the cough is not a dangerous disease and it is important to take the treatment to avoid it, because coughing can easily spread to others. There are different ways to treat the coughing problems and it is something better when you take the natural remedies. When you use the natural way to treat the cough, then you can certainly get the results in the fastest manner. In this article, you will see about the home remedies for cough with the natural ingredients in the best manner.

When it comes to taking the home remedies to treat the cough, then there are a large number of products which are used to treat it. In such a manner, the ingredients which are used in cooking are also highly beneficial in treating the cough. So, some of the ingredients are like:

• Ginger

• Turmeric

• Garlic

• Lemon

• Onion

• Hot milk with honey

• Pepper with hot milk

All of these ingredients have unique properties in treating the cough in the most effective manner. Additionally, it can also ensure in soothing the throat with more healthier.

In such a manner, the turmeric is one of the best products which can able to reduce the impact of the cough. It is the most powerful herb that has the medicinal properties to cure the cough and cold problems easily. So, you can use the turmeric as the remedy for cough in the different ways. In this manner, you can mix the turmeric powder into the boiling water and add some black pepper. You can drink this beverage daily until the condition improves. Instead of taking the pepper, you can also take the turmeric water with the honey to get the effective result.

In addition to that, the ginger is one of the most popular home remedies for cough to provide the relief from your cough. In fact, you can use the ginger in raw, because it has a high range of benefits. To make the remedy from the ginger, you can cut it down into small slices and put them into the boiling water and drink this solution to get the effective result. It is better to take this remedy for four times in a day. When you take this herbal solution in this way, you can definitely get the relief from the sore throat and the nonstop coughing and some other cold problems in the best manner.

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Home Health Care – Add Lemons to Your Eating Plan and See The Health Benefits

If you tend to think of lemons as more of a garnish or simply something you can add to a glass of water, it's time to reconsider. Lemons are one of the healthiest fruits you can consume and given the fact they are so sour, you can rest assured that they are not high in sugar like most other fruits. Due to their sour flavor though most people use them in smaller amounts and combine them with herbs and spices and add them to many sauces, dressings, and drinks.

Lemons have several beneficial properties that make it worthwhile to consider adding them to your eating protocol. Let's look at some of the largest health benefits that lemons will bring to your life …

1. Strong Antioxidant Power. The first real benefit lemons bring is the fact they offer a powerful dose of antioxidants to your body. Adding lemon or lemon juice to your meals can help you fend off free radical damage and also potentially lower the level of inflammation taking place in your system.

Lemons are a very rich source of vitamin C and has also been shown to help lower the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis along with rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Detoxification Benefits. Next, lemon will act as an excellent detoxification agent in your body. Just serving lemons with the foods you are eating will help cleanse your system, killing any unwanted bacteria that may be staying in your gut.

Killing unwanted gut bacteria is one reason it's often advised to drink a tall glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. By doing so, you can help detox your system effectively so you go on to feel better through the day.

3. Immune Boosting Properties. Finally, thanks to the vitamin C content found in lemons, you will also get great immune boosting properties. Lemons can help you keep your immune system strong, so you're less likely to fall ill to the common cold or flu, or disease for that matter.

When you have a healthy immune system, your body will be better prepared to fight any invading bacteria or virus and even if you do fall ill, you'll recover far faster than you otherwise would.

So as you can see, lemons offer some benefits you should not be overlooking. Given the fact they also add great flavor to your foods without adding any calories, this is also an important reason to consider adding them to your daily eating plan.

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