How to Deal With Insomnia Symptoms?

If you have ever suffered with insomnia, then you will know how debilitating it is. People who have never had it just assume that it is all about sleep and think it is nothing serious.

When, actually, insomnia has serious connotations for health as well as depression. Think about it, when you sleep, you are repairing your body. If you do not sleep, this stage is missed and you are more likely to get injured or become sick.

That is why insomnia should be treated seriously and sufferers need to get help and change their sleeping habits so that it might be easier for them to get sleep, because it might be as simple as changing the way their room looks or it could be an underlying medical condition.

If you suffer with insomnia, then you have done the right think by Googling 'Tips for dealing with Insomnia,' and you have landed on the right page to help, so read on for tips for dealing with Insomnia.


A lot of people, who have insomnia, have televisions in their bedroom. Not to say that televisions cause insomnia, but with people who already suffer from it, they should remove the televisions from their room.

You probably only have the television in your room because you are bored through the night and you want something to do so you are not pulling your hair out.

But, having the light of the television in your room may inhibit your bodies production of melatonin and this might be the reason that you can not sleep. If you are adamant that you want your television in your room, then make sure that you use the timer and that it is set to turn off an hour before you want to go to sleep. That way, you are giving yourself time to wind down.


If you have your room decorated so that it looks busy or too light, then this could be the reason that you are having trouble sleeping. In a busy room, there is a lot going on and your eyes will probably lock on all the different features.

This will keep you awake because your brain will be constantly working. Therefore, you should think about moving some stuff out and redecorating. You should make the room a bit darker and have minimal items in there.

If you do not want a completely dark room during the day, you should consider buying a black out blind, so that no light gets in during the night and in the morning. This will help you get sleep better.


It might be that your actual bed is the reason that you are finding it hard to sleep. If you have had the same mattress for a while, or you do not feel comfortable in it, then you should consider buying a new mattress.

If you do not have the money to buy a new mattress, you can flip it so that you are using the better side. However, you should seriously consider buying a better mattress and one that suits you.

If you do not like laying flat in the bed, you might want to think about using an adjustable mattress so that you can move it up and down. If you sleep in a double bed and your partner is on the other side of you, do not worry, you can get a split mattress so that you can move and he or she can stay flat, if that is the position that they prefer .

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Home Medical Supplies for Bariatric Patients

If you have not tried bariatric surgery as a means of shedding excess pounds, chances are you know someone who has. According to a recent CNN Health article, “In the early 1990s, approximately 16,000 people a year were undergoing bariatric surgery. The 2011 ACS study cited by the news report indicated that “since then, surgeons have (continued to see) a steady number of (bariatric) patients.” What's more, “early (bariatric surgery) numbers for 2013 suggest another uptick” in the number of individuals electing to try the weight loss surgical procedure.

The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing points out the benefits and risks associated with bariatric surgery, the latter of which has significantly decreased to about 0.1% since such operations were first performed. One thing that has not gone away, however, is the need for post-operative care. And home medical supplies are an integral part of this care.

Chief among these follow-up issues is caring for the wound, which the journal points out is of “paramount importance” following surgery. It goes on to state that a bariatric operation “constituents major abdominal surgery and potential exists for the typical postoperative complications … (like) surgical-site infection.” A reputable provider of home medical supplies will carry a range of bariatric products. By availing themselves to such a provider, patients can ensure that they heal properly, thereby reducing their risks of such infections, even after they leave the hospital setting and head home.

Because it is so cruel to the bariatric patient's recovery, the journal devotes an entire section to addressing wound and skin care. The wound and skin care products needed for proper at-home treatment can also be obtained through a provider of home medical care supplies. How much attention much be paid to caring for the wound will depend on its size. Obviously, the smaller the incision, the more quickly it will heal. But one thing is clear, “With increasing size comes the need for greater attention to skin care.”

How does one handle this issue? “Cloth or gauze placed in skin folds can reduce the occurrence of irritation and fungal rashes,” the American Journal of Critical Care stresses. And a provider of home medical supplies is where these patients can turn for name brand wound care gauze.

The issues requiring home medical supplies do not stop there, however, for bariatric patients. The critical care journal adds that “urine and fecal incontinence are (also) common (problems arising post-surgery) because of the large abdomen impinging on the bladder and bowel.” Fortunately, as the abdominal swings goes down and the bariatric patient begins to lose weight these incontinence issues tend to go away.

Whether it is a large wound requiring skin care, temporary incontinence necessitating adult briefs, underwear or pads, or therapeutic bariatric devices like folding commodes, rollators and transfer benches, bariatric patients can find all the home medical supplies they need to get well fast online. What's more, they'll discover all the trusted brands their doctors recommend like Tranquility, Covidien, Drive Medical, Select and Attends.

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Blisters: Common Lip Problems

You probably have a blister when you feel a painful sensation on your lip. A blister occurs when there is separation of the outer skin (epidermis) area from the middle layer (dermis). The gap between these two layers is filled with a clear liquid substance known as serum. This is a painful and embarrassing experience at the same time. A blister on the lips is a sign of infection building in.

A blister is a common lip problem. However, it must not be neglected. A simple blister has possible serious complications when not treated properly.

So how does a blister come about?

When the body's immune system is weak, then blisters could form. Viral and bacterial infections attack your weakened body. A blister also forms due to stress-related reasons. If your body sufferers from emotional and physical stress, then your immune system gets weak and becomes prone to infections.

Other causes of developing blisters are mouth injuries, hormonal imbalance, fluctuating hotness and coldness of temperature levels, and too much sunlight. You also get a blister when you create small skin cracks during shaving. Another cause of blisters is due to allergy reactions to foods. A respiratory condition also causes blisters to occur. Other common reasons are poor dental care and vitamin deficiency.

Avoid blisters by. . .

Being healthy keeps blisters away. Eat healthy foods to support your body with good nutrients to reduce infections. Manage stress by doing mental and relaxing exercises like yoga or meditation. Drink plenty of water to keep lips and mouth refreshed all the time. You must always practice good oral habits and clean personal hygiene.

Practical treatments for blisters

If you are just starting to feel some sensation on the lips but the actual blister is not visible yet, then you can prevent its growth by quickly and gently rubbing ice cubes on the infected area.

You can apply Aloe Vera on blisters. This is an effective treatment as the plant's pulps contain anti-septic properties that reduce swelling and irritation of infected areas.

You can place slowly wet teabags on blisters to reduce pain.

Apply a lip balm with Vitamin C or zinc oxide to protect your lips against dryness, too much heat and sunlight.

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles brushing to avoid bruising your lips and mouth.

When these treatments do not work, consult your doctor for medical advice.

Typically, blisters are common lip problems. Somehow, having them uncomfortably andothersome, at times even embarrassing. It is best to avoid them by knowing important data on their causes and treatments.

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Interesting And Unusual Ways To Keep Cool In Summer

When the heat is on, some people will do just about anything to keep cool. If it's not illegal, immoral or viable to frighten the horses, anything can and does happen. Here are a few creative ways to stay cool in the summer.

Stay wet

When you take a shower or a dip in the swimming pool, do not be too keen to dry off. Stay outdoors and dry naturally in the shade to stay cool for longer. Keep a small spray bottle of water in the fridge for regular spritzing during the day. Or you could sit with your feet in a bowl of cool water. That will make your whole body feel cooler.

Chill out

When you're going about your daily business, it's not practical to stay wet, and at work, it's just not professional. The thing to do is freeze some gel coolers – the sort that fit around wine bottles or drinks cans to keep them cool. Then place them in pockets, or maybe between your underwear and your clothes. Beneath the armpits or near the wrists or waist are good places. If you're wearing a sunhat, put one underneath it.

Strip off

Do your chores in a bikini, or if your home is secluded and you're very brave, work in the nude. Do not forget to put some clothes on before you answer the door to any callers, though!

Use a hot water bottle

Fill a hot water bottle with iced water, and put it in the bed to cool it down before you settle down for the night. Then slide it into your pillow case to keep your face and neck cool while you sleep. You can also place an iced water filled hot water bottle inside a cushion cover and sit on it. For some strange reason, if the backs of the knees are cool, then so is the whole body ,.

Chill bed linen, clothing and jewelery

Fold an empty duvet cover and the matching pillow cases, place them in a self-closing plastic bag, and put this in the freezer for a couple of hours before bedtime. The linen should stay cool for long enough to enable you to get to sleep. Before you go to bed, pick out your clothes for the following day, place them in another bag, and put them in the fridge overnight. You can do the same with some items of jewelery. It will be really cool on your skin, and it will take some time to return to ambient temperature.

Provided you can think outside the box a little, it's possible to come up with many unusual ways to keep cool in the summer heat and enjoy the sunshine.

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Consumption Of The Basil Seeds In The Beverages-Similarities And Differences

The basil seeds are available in every household in India. However, they are usually used for medicinal purposes or for worshiping the Hindu deities on daily basis. To my astonishment; I discovered their usage in the preparation of the following items also by few individuals:

a) Beverages


b) Ice-creams and Kulfis

In this article, I would be focusing exclusively on the consumption of the basil seeds in Kashmir Valley. In this region, these seeds are called BABRI BEOUL. The main reason is that Babur introduced these seeds in the state. The families staying in the Kashmir prepare a temperature called BABRI BEOUL SHERBAT. Being a food historian, it was enlightened to me that Babur hailed from Farghana region of Afghanistan. While researching more on this, I discovered that the Afghanis prepare a very simple beverage called SHARBAT-E-RAYHAN (the basil seed drink). Consequently; I discovered the similarities and differences between both of the beverages.

The similarities are the following:

a) Both the beverages use the Chia or basil seeds for the preparation.

b) It is sweet by taste.

c) It is consumed to prevent the dehydration in the summer months or the fast days during the Ramzaan.

d) The basic steps for the preparation are same for both the beverages like water, sugar, basil seeds, soaking of the seeds in warm water, etc.

e) It is served absolutely chilled to the guests.

Apart from this, one might observe the differences in both the varieties of the beverages. They are enumerated in the following manner:

a) Babri Beoul Sherbat is exclusively Kashmiri inflation and not found anywhere else in India. The soaked seeds are added to the diluted milk during the fasting days.

On the other hand, Sherbat-e-Rayhan is added to the cold water.

b) In Babri Beoul Sherbat, one might add dry coconut pieces, dry fruits, etc. This is meant only for the taste.

In Sherbat-e-Rayhan, only rose water and sugar is added and served to the guests.

c) The Babri Beoul Sherbat is time consuming consumption. The preparations are made in the early morning hours and served to the guests in the afternoon or the evening hours (before eating something else).

The Sherbat-e-Rayhan is very easy to prepare and is made instantly. It is not at all cumbersome by nature.

The excellent nature of both the beverages is the fact that they are prepared at homes by the individuals and consumed to fight against the dehydration. This is the natural source to beat the scorching heat of the summer months. There is a simple implication involved: SIMPLE NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES TO AVOID THE DEHYDRATION.

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More Patients Turning Towards House Calls

In the 1960s, you could call a doctor to your house with a phone call. The trend changed with time. It became difficult for doctors to travel for long distance to visit patients. With expansion in medical services, more medical practitioners worked in group practices and medical care. With time, the burden on the US healthcare system is increasing with patients finding it difficult to visit hospitals and doctors offices. As a result, the number of doctors turning towards house calls is also increasing. The treatment today is more about hospital stay. Emergency cases, patients turn towards hospitals for reliable care.

Patients also go to emergency rooms, nearby clinics in case doctors are not available for house calls. People receive individualized care in hospitals. With increasing hospital visits, people began to approach concierge doctors to save time on treatment, and to avoid hospital stay. Patients are also diverted to ambulatory clinics for increased patient volume to hospitals.

The trend of calling doctors to come homes is now revving again with more physicians opting to become house call doctors. The reimbursements received by house call doctors is also increasing. The trend of doctors / doctors at home is back because home is where the patient care is needed. After 1960s, doctors were making less house calls to patients because of pressures related to time and money. Home visits help doctors in diagnosing and treating health conditions. The healthcare costs are increasing in the US, and patients are moving towards concierge medicine to deal with it. The average life span of Americans is longer, and elderly need to pay more for health care. The trend is expected to continue for many years. House call programs require a structure for it to work on a large scale, for them to work for doctors and patients. An estimate says 4000 doctors made more than two million in 2010.

House call doctors attend to patients with fever, stomach pain, injury which needs stitches, and other patient complaints. Such diseases can be treated by concierge physicians, but emergency room visits also include these complaints. Many reputed companies in the US run physician call services for employees. Doctors and nurses are sent to employees with computers to diagnose and treat health problems. It uses computer programs to find out cases which can be evaluated by doctors at house. The trend of physician calls have also done on because it brings down hospitalization instructions.

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How Do Music and Laughter Help You Stay Healthy

These days, people have huge loads to carry all day and all night. Be it work pressure at office or pressure of studies, everything makes life a race in which we do not get the space to cherish the happy moments of life. Stress, depression, frustration leave us now. Everybody needs to flush them out of life for better health and good lifestyle. Scientists has discovered that music therapy and laughter therapy can effectively work to offer relief from the three diseases mentioned above. In fact it can also heal multiple mental disorders and other diseases.

Music Blesses Your Heart:

From the earlier days it is believed that music has got the strength to instill life even in a dead soul. Music speaks without words. Be it AR Rahman's soothing sound tracks or Beethoven's mind blowing nodes, a scientific research proves that music has healing properties. According to the 2013 research reports presented by Daniel Levitin, a renounced psychologist who is a master in neuroscience of music, it is seen that music consists of a higher level of immunoglobin A, an antibody responsible for enhancing immunity.

Dissolving the Stress:

The therapeutic effect of music can release stress and calm your agitated mind. Here, it is considered to have anti-anxiety properties. When life is disturbed due to different negative situations, just plug in your head phone into a device that plays music and listen to your favorite song, you would be taken away to a blissful state far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This therapeutic power is used by doctors in terms of music therapy to help different kinds of ailments starting from autism and problems of depression to Alzheimer's disorder and even heart problems.

What Research Says about Music's Stress Bursting Properties?

Three American scientists proved music's special feature of releasing stress out from your brain. They performed their research by examining two groups of people. Among the groups, one had the choice of playing a soothing music as per their choice while the other group did not listen to any music.

With the help of this test, the scientists proved that the levels of stress hormone known as Cortisol dropped to 50 percent in the first group compared to the other group which did not listen to music.

Music: It's in Your Head, Changing Your Brain

Music therapists often work non-verbally. Due to this reason, it is considered effective for individuals with verbal expression difficulties, such as children having autism.

According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy can act as a positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors and a motivator to decrease negative ones. Through this therapy, the victims of autism can develop their language skills, and the identification and expression of emotions. There are few children of autism who have great musical abilities, and this therapy can help boost up their mental strengths.

For Alzheimer's patients, who suffer from memory and thinking injury, music therapy proves to be an amazing healing process since they may emotionally respond to the songs of their past.

Apart from this music is also considered a wonderful tool to improve one's concentration during study and at work. Soft classical music is often recommended by doctors to help the patients of high blood pressure.

Laugh to Live Life:

Beside music therapy, laugh therapy also has positive healing powers. Humor is a contagious injection that binds two people together. When laughter is shared it increases happiness and integrity thereby killing depression and releasing stress. Laughter triggers positive physical changes in the body.

A charming personality with a crazy heart is always appreciated. Through laughter therapy one can strengthen its immune system, increase the level of energy, reduce sorrow or pain, and ultimately reduce stress level. It can be considered the best priceless medicine to live life happily. Sharing laughter is the most effective tool to keep relationships fresh and exciting.

These days, people are inspired to join laugh classes where they can rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. It is very essential for the heart patients to stay happy; doctors always suggest them to avoid as much stress as possible. For them laughter therapy can work wonder.

Health Care Plans for a Better Life:

Diseases and illness are a part of human life, we can not avoid them but we can definitely try to reduce their risks by following a healthy lifestyle. A good lifestyle not just includes eating healthy with regular exercise but also covers such amazing therapies and regular check ups along with proper doctor's assistance.

Although in the present scenario visiting for regular check ups and medical treatments have become a costly affair, but you can certainly cope up with high medical expenses with a comprehensive health insurance policy. You will just have to pay monthly premiums in order to run the policy and it will in turn help you to meet the medical expenses such as hospital costs, doctor's visit, operation, and treatment costs.

No matter how expensive the treatment might be, you will not even feel any financial burdens with such effective plans. For purchasing medical insurance policies, browse your net and look for the best plans at cost effective premiums. While purchasing such a policy, the primary thing that should be considered is coverage ie what are the benefits you can avail through a proportional plan. Take the final decision only if the coverage suits your needs. Most importantly, always buy from a reputed provider to enjoy easy claim process.

Health insurance plans are being designed by experienced professionals in order to cater to the medical needs of people. If you can stay fit you can automatically stay happy and cheerful. Thus, no one should compromise when it comes to treat any health issue. If you ignore and leave any disease untreated for many days, it can even turn into a life threatening one. Here, never delay your treatments and choose the best mediclaim plan from a reliable insurance company to secure your finances.

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Decoding the Doctor’s Prescription: Why We Prescribe the Way We Do!

My mother pasted this poem on my cupboard the day I was enrolled into medical college:

“Celebrated authors across the land

Wield the pen like a magic wand

But the words of greatest admiration

Are written by the hands writing a prescription ”

I often look at it with a sigh and complain that medicine is a profession everyone practices and that there are a host of non-medical specialists who confidently volunteer to give their opinion. Initially I was intrigued as to why I received calls from parents asking if I was sure that they should give their child the medicine the way I have prescribed it. Friends call to double check on their pediatrician's prescription. I now realize that parents be in this way because children are so vulnerable to the effects of a medication error. Furthermore, children may not be able to recognize and communicate the initial signs and symptoms of a medication adverse effect.

After I received my degree, I pasted this along my mother's words:

God and the Doctor they alike adore
But only when in danger, not before;
The danger o'er, both are similarly requited,
God is forgotten, and the Doctor slighted.

I want to use this opportunity to explain what goes on in a good pediatrician's mind while he prescribes – it is not an effortless process that is not thought through!

First, we prescribe a specific dose depending on the weight of the child. It is there before possible for two kids of the same age to get slightly different doses. Drug dosage depends also on the formulation. For example, let us consider Paracetamol given for fever.Paracetamol drops come in a composition of 100mg per ml, a syrup of 125 mg per 5 ml, a double strength of 250 mg per 5ml and a tablet of 500 mg. So if a child of ten kilos needs a 10mg / kg dose of paracetamol she can be prescribed one ml of drops (or 12 drops), 5ml of syrup, 2.5 ml of a double strength syrup or one fourth of a tablet. It is always important to read the labels right (and be good at mathematics!).

Secondly, every drug is metabolized (broken down and acted upon by enzymes) by the body to an “active ingredient”. This amount has a specific range which in medical terms is called “the therapeutic window”. An excess diverts the ingredient to be acted upon by several body rescue systems producing undesired and sometimes toxic products, and a deficiency will produce no benefit. After that the compounds are predominately cleared away by the liver and kidneys along with all other body waste. That is how a drug's effect weans off and since we write a twice or thrice daily schedule aiming to make the active ingredient available for longer periods of time. Paracetamol is extensively metabolized by the liver and it will be almost two hours before the effects are noticeable. Over a period of four to six hours the effect wears out. This is why we insist that the drug be given no more than four times a day. There will be no additional benefit and it will become a toxic load for the immature liver to handle.

Genetic and environmental factors contribute to a wide inter-and intra-individual variability in drug metabolism. It is well known that smoking, charcoal broiled food or cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cage) induce the degradation of many drugs, whereas grapefruit juice increases the oral availability of some by inhibiting their elimination. Apiaceous vegetables (carrots, parley, celery, and fennel) lead to lower liver enzyme activity Energy deficiency, and especially a low intake of protein, will cause a decrease in clearance and elimination of some drugs, which can be accelerated by a protein-rich diet. Tea (normal-strength black and green tea) ups liver enzymes degraiding certain drugs. Protein deficiency is associated with greater susceptibility to toxic reaction of drugs, thanks to impaired detoxifying capacities. Body reserves of antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, beta-carotene and zinc which are protective also effect drug metabolism. So you need to be well nourished for your medicines to help you too.

Drug and drug interactions can involve prescription or nonprescription drugs and affect each other's efficacy. Types of drug-drug interactions include duplication (where both their effects are amplified), opposition (antagonism where one makes the other ineffective), and alteration of what the body does to one or both drugs. Since most drugs are broken down and inactivated (metabolized) by certain enzymes in the liver. Some drugs affect these liver enzymes, either increasing or decreasing their activity, and may cause another drug to be inactivated more quickly or more slowly than usual. So please check with your physician before taking any new medicine.

In addition, medication administration is typically dependent upon a parent or caregiver. The secret is in believing that the child needs the medicine. A child can sense any doubts in your mind and will resist no matter what you do, unless you really believe you're doing what is best. Be confident and determined. If you are not convinced the medicine is necessary, talk to your doctor first, rather than trying half-heartedly to get it into your child. Give liquid medicine along the side of the mouth, about halfway down. If it goes directly to the center of your child's palate, it will trigger a gag. Place tablets on the back of the tongue or they will be spit out. Never refer to medicine as candy because you're setting up a potentially dangerous confusion. Tell it like it is. Do not punish a child who refuses to take medicine. Just insist and plow ahead. And when the mission has been completed, do not forget the hug and congratulations on a job well done for both of you!

As for mom, she has not lost her enthusiasm for her job in spite of two decades of private practice. She holds on to the belief that medicine is an art more than a science and that one must always feel lucky to be chosen by the divine to act as a channel for Him to heal a disease. Like many things we discover to be true years after we ridiculed them I hope I discover that she is right!

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5 Ways To Have A Fun And Healthy Summer Vacation

Summer time is vacation time. Kids look forward for their school to end and bask in the enjoyment of the summers. However, unless planned perfectly, taking a vacation can be an intimidating and hectic activity. You need to factor in the time spend daily, your health and overall fun activities to be played. A vacation should be a time spent in enjoying and living stress free moments, not to gain weight and additional worries.

Five ways to have a fun and healthy summer vacation:

1. Talk a walk

While visiting an exotic location, do not just enjoy a hotel's hospitality. Take a walk around the streets and mingle with the locals. This will allow you to get a taste of the local atmosphere and environment. You can check out the streets and get acquainted with the geography. As top tourist locations have great natural trails and gardens, you can go visit them by walking instead of taking motorized transport. This can be a fun and healthy workout for your legs and lungs.

2. Morning time

The most preferred time for enjoying vacation activities is morning. This is because your energy levels are at the peak during the mornings and you have more time to spend freely. Some of the fun activities include, biking, and boat ride, etc. These activities are good not only for your physical health, but also for your mental frame. Take in the full beauty of vacation place in the morning.

3. Yoga

You can practice yoga while on a summer vacation. In fact, it is highly recommended as yoga helps to calm the mind and body, both of which faces exertion during summer. This activity can act as a natural coolant. As yoga does not require specialized equipment, you just need to carry a yoga mat and appropriate yoga wear along your luggage for practicing.

4. Clothing

It is not just enough to be fashionable, it is also important to wear appropriately according to the weather. If you have children, take extra care of their clothing needs. Take natural and organic baby t-shirt that are made from bamboos and other materials for cool comforts. Your clothing choice will help define the level of heat that you have to deal with during your vacation.

5. Enjoy the water

Unless you have any particular type of allergy for water, strive to enjoy the local water environment as much as possible. You can have fun and relief from heat at the same time.

The above five ways should help you to enjoy summer vacations without any extra worries. Equip yourself with the right gear and do not forget to browse through online organic lifestyle retailers while planning your holidays.

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Choose The Right Water Purifier For Your Home

Regardless of how clean your drinking water looks, there is no guarantee that it is pure and germ-free. It could have microscopic pathogens that cause diseases, new age contaminants like lead and arsenic or a very high level of TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) .

Across 8 major cities in India, water-borne diseases like cholera, jaundice and typhoid accounted for 77% percent of all diseases in India. The survey also thread light on the fact that the TDS levels are way above the permitted level in many regions in India, including cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore.

You may think that boiling your water before you drink it is good enough. However, this is far from the truth. Boiling only provides protection against microbial contamination caused by bacteria, virus, etc. it does not remove dangerous chemicals / new age contaminants like lead, pesticides and physical impurities like mud, dust, rust, etc.

So what is it that you can do to ensure that the quality of drinking water your family gets is pure and safe?

Many families are turning to water purifiers to ensure that their drinking water is safe and healthy. But, with the market flooded with a plethora of brands how do you know what water purifier to choose?

A little bit of research is all you need before you buy your water purifier. The first and foremost thing you need to know is what your water condition is. Once you know this you know what kind of water purifier you need to buy. Here's what you need to know about the various technologies available in the market.

Reverse Osmosis

If you live in an area where you get hard water then RO water purifiers are ideal. If the TDS (Total Dissolved Salt) levels in your water exceeded the permissible limit then it poses a serious threat to your health. RO water purifiers reduce the TDS content in your water to a permitted level and should be used only if the level of Total Dissolved Salts in water is very high.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) works by applying high pressure on the water depending on the level of salt content; it is thenforced through a 0.0001 micron, semi-permeable membrane. RO allows cross filtration of water, where the contaminants are caught in the membrane. The impure water goes one way and the clean water goes another way. The cross filtration allows the impure water to sweep away the contaminants with it then, preventing a build up.

Typical RO purifiers remove more than 90% of the TDS and all impurities present in the water. These impurities could range from bacteria, virus, protozoa, cysts, coliform, physical and chemical contaminants etc.


UV water purifiers are ideal in areas where you get soft water like that from rivers or lakes and where the TDS level is below 500mg.

In purifiers that use UV purification, a lamp is used to create UV rays to which the water is exposed. The UV rays penetrate into the microorganism and alter its DNA, once this is done then it is essentially killed and can not cause any infection or even reproduce! This method destroys about 99.99% of all organizations that cause diseases!

These purifiers do not change the chemical composition of the water or alter its taste. Since it does not alter the chemical composition of water it can not be used in areas where you get hard water.

Carbon Adsorption

When water is passed over the carbon surface the contaminants are drawn to the surface. The carbon is processed to make it extremely porous, this provides a large surface area for adsorption or chemical reactions. These carbon filters typically use granular carbon or blocks of powdered carbon. It is a commonly used technology and is very effective against getting rid of pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, radon and other chemicals. The quality of these filters are rated by the size of particles that it can remove. A filter that measures 0.5 micron is more effective than the one that measures 10 microns.

Ultra filtration (UF)

This method of purification removals dissolved solids between the sizes of 0.005-0.1 microns. Many a times it is used as a pre-treatment step before Reverse Osmosis (RO). The Ultra filtration membrane works as a molecular sieve and it separates molecules based on the size. The water passes through an extremely fine filter which retains most macromolecules that are above a certain size like colloids, microorganisms etc. Smaller molecules like solvents pass through the filter. They work best in areas where the TDS level is below 500 mg / liter.


This method of purification is ideal if you live in an area where you get hard water. To convert hard water to soft water, the water is passed over an ion exchange resin. Water flows over the surface and dissolves the sodium. The calcium, magnesium and other cations precipitate on to the surface. Ion-exchange can reduce hardness in the water. It can also get rid of contaminants like iron, lead, copper, barium, radium and nitrates. This technology is usually integrated into water purifiers along with other methods.

When you are buying a water purifier make sure that it is certified by an accredited body like the NSF, WQA and FDA.

Armed with all this information you can safely step out and pick a water purifier that suits your needs. Now, ensure that you family drinks water that is pure and safe.

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Have Safe Water Systems, Have A Legionella Testing Kit

Water has been apart from the human race's existence and with out it, it would be impossible to do a lot of things that are water dependent. Humans are water dependent for they use it to bathe themselves, it is what they drink to quench their thirst and itis one of the top tools they use in cooking, cleaning, washing their laundry and dishes, watering their plants and lawns and a lot more . Aside from catering to the basic needs of humans, water is also the largest source of electricity. Water plays a big role in ensuring that the irrigation are good to be able to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, vegetation in disturbed soils or lands, and maintaining healthy landscapes. There are many uses of water. It is one element that has proven its significance to all things, animals and to mankind. As others say, water is life itself but even if it is branded as such, it could also be the same element that may put health at risk.

As water is found to be essential, so is taking care of your health. Being healthy is not just through eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and the likes. It is also about living in a clean environment and taking in things that will not jeopardize one's health. One should make sure that the water they are using for drinking and for other things at home or in a workplace is clean and free from bacteria like legionella.

Legionella, is a group of infectious microorganisms that cause health hazards to those that take them in. One of the elements that they can blend in well is water and when taken in will lead to diseases that may result in serious illness. Since they are originating diseases, one must take the necessary precautions to avoid acquiring them. This is why it helps to perform a risk assessment on your water systems to determine if they are in any way infected by these bacteria. To make this possible, one can use a legionella testing kit. Instructions of how to test for legionella is usually together with the testing kit when you purchase it. Just follow the details provided and you should be good to go in checking how safe your water systems are. Remember, health is very important and if you will protect it, you will be the same one who will benefit from such protection.

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Indoor Plants Which Clean Toxins

Indoor plants not only look good and add ambiance to your home, they can also clean toxic pollutants, such as formaldehyde and benzene etc, from your air.

I've picked a few of my favorites for you to think about. These are all indoor plants, and they grow inside quite well. I've also tried to find the easier to grow ones (because I'm a “stick-it-in-the-ground-and-see-what-happens” type of gardener).

The first is the Peace Lily, aka Spathiphyllum . It's not a genuine lily, so this one is not toxic to cats (real lilies are) although I would not recommend feeding it to the cat, either, just in case.

It's easy to grow, loves indoor, indirect light and has sweet blooms quite a lot of the year. You can get these in the smaller leafed variety as well as the large leafed ones (those are the ones you see in shopping centers, usually). When the leaves start wilting, water the plant.

The rubber plant ( ficus robusta) , is a member of the ficus family. They're quite hardy, love semi-sun to semi-shade, and are the best at removing toxins, according to the scientists who research these things. Truly a great plant.

Also in the ficus family, the weeding fig, ( ficus benjamina ) is useful if you want a “tree” looking plant. These are great for those of us who want the “indoor forest” look – they're hardy enough to live in full or semi-sun, and can tolerate being indoors for a while. If you're going to do that, try to rotate them and let them spend some time outdoors too. Good nursery people will be able to give you the full rundown on caring for all of these lovely plants.

Another indoor plant you'll probably find familiar is the Schefflera, or umbrella tree. ( Brassaia actinophylla ).

Quite a pretty indoor plant, be aware that planting it out into your garden, these can quickly turn into pests. If planting outside, ensuring roots are contained in such a way to make it VERY difficult for them to get underground water or waste pipes … these are a great cause of roots in pipes! However, indoors in pots, they are excellent at removing toxins from the air and very hardy and easy to care for.

The Corn Plant ( Dracaena fragrans “Massangeana”) is often known here in Australia as a “happy plant”. The Dracaena family are all hardy and great for indoors, and excellent for removing toxins such as formaldehyde … which is actually quite common in homes.

If you're going for an indoor Christmas tree this year, the Norfolk Island Pine makes a beautiful one, and can also remove toxins. Do not cover it with that fake snow stuff though, that itself is toxic, and it stops the plant breathing (because it's covered in yuck) and because it's not breathing as well, it can not remove toxins as well.

Flowering plants which remove toxins include tulips, begonias, azaleas, chrysanthemums, some orchids and cyclamen, as well as zygocactus (below right). Although not technically a “flowering” plant, poinsettias also remove toxins and look quite spectular.

Do check with your nursery about what care your plant needs to thrive, and the best place to put it. Generally speaking, flowers need sun … but there are some wonderful indoor plants which can also remove toxins and assist you.

Enjoy your new plants and your lovely fresh air!

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How To Ensure the Best Home Care For Your Grandmother?

Grandmothers are always special. They love us more than anyone. And they care for us more than anyone. Now that she is finding it difficult to even get up from her bed and attend nature's calls on her own, you must be supporting her with the best of your efforts. However, I also understand that you have a full-day office job and a personal life. So, to make sure your granny gets the best care while she is confined to her bed, you may like to consider home health care services.

Why home care by someone else?

First and foremost, you can not manage it all on your own. You need a support when you will not be around your granny. You also need some time to de-stress yourself. Under home health care services, you get round-the-clock support from a trained medical person – often a nurse – who stays with the patient all the time. She'd ensure that your granny takes her medicines on time and faces no problem whatsever in walking around, changing clothes, and attending nature's calls. This is not all. The nurse would also see to it that you do not have to take leaves from your office to take your granny to the doctor for basic tests. The nurse would conduct all the tests on her own that can be done at home. A physician may also visit your granite at regular intervals to monitor her health progress.

The disadvantages –

You have to pay for the home health care services; this is the only visible disadvantage we can think about professional home care. If you can manage this, we think you should seriously consider home health care services .

Where would you find a nursing agency?

They are everywhere. If you are not able to spot one in your area, you may find one online. Just make sure you tell the nursing agency what kind of services you are expecting. Get clear information on their charges as well.

Last, but not the least, speak to your granny and see how comfortable she is with this idea. Sit with her for some time and try to convince her if she shows resistance to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking help from an outsider. Tell her that you might not be around her all the time; tell her that she'd love the company of the nurse. With a bit of persuasion, you can make your granny agree for home caring.

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How to Choose the Best Food Supplement Products

Shopping for the right product may sound easy, but in many cases, people tend to pick the one that they think looks right to them. Without a careful evaluation of your purchasing habits, you run the risk of not only wasting money over things that do not serve your purpose but also keeping your health jeopardized.

Take the case of food supplements. It is unthinkable to be buying the wrong pills that most people take on a daily basis. Instead of helping you achieve optimum health, you may end up not improving in any way or worse, experiencing the exact opposite of the health results it guaranteed.

Smart supplement shopping requires every customer to keep a close eye on the product they are buying. Here are some practices you should start to embrace before deciding on a product:

1. Watch out for “false claims.”

Convincing words and made-up testimonials are very common traps that successfully draw the market, with weight loss pills leading the pack. Instantly shedding as much as 20 lbs. in 7 days sounds quite fascinating and too good to be true. In this case, you have to trust your instinct to conclude that it really is. Whenever such products are advertised, always ask yourself if their claims are reasonable enough. An impressive choice of words will lure you to give it a try, but always make it a habit resist the temptation and do your research first.

2. Natural is not always safe.

Herbal supplements hide behind the claim of being “completely safe” with “zero side effects.” While there may be some truth to this in some cases (but not entirely), it's not what it is for most products. Look at the ingredients, find reliable feedback and ask your doctor if you intend to take the pill, particularly if you are suffering from a health condition. It is a health decision, after all, and you do not want to be unsure.

3. Look for respected organizations and government or health approvals.

The best-selling vitamin supplement may sound like the best choice for you, and you are tempted to jump in the bandwagon. Stay put for a while and read the label. Better yet, check out official websites of government and non-government entities that provide product verification. Authentic approvals are what you're looking for. Also, check out official lists of non-approved products that are currently on the market, so you'll know which ones to avoid.

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Things to Consider When Taking or Planning to Take Dietary Supplements

It's almost dizzying thinking about how many nutrients the human body needs, and naming them, to become perfectly healthy. Most people who want to maintain their health and shape jump on the commercial bandwagon and take a bottle or two of the dietary supplement that promises to give them the specific nourishment they lack.

Even with all such good intentions, mistakes are often waiting to be made. It must be noted that many of such golden promises of products and endorsements are either true nor meant to address your specific health need. Apart from the obvious untrue claims, there are also other pitfalls you should be on the lookout for.

Here are some things you should remember when taking that route:

1. Let your doctor know about it.

We all have different nutritional needs. Regardless of how sure you are about yours following all the tests you underwent and the results they disclosed, be sure to ask your doctor or nutritionist about the supplement you will be taking. This is mostly advised to individuals who are undergoing medication or suffer from health conditions. Special needs or deficiencies need to be addressed by health professionals, who will be prescribing you with the right product and dosage.

2. Do not be too dependent on the pill.

Remember that a dietary supplement is not synonymous with an instant fix. You have to remain focused on healthy and regular eating, working out or exercising, getting enough sleep and refusing to be stressed out. These can aid you in attaining the right, specific nourishment for your body. Make sure you do not treat it like your primary source of nutrients.

3. Do not be the gullible customer.

We reiterate this common problem because it is becoming a topic of heated debts. Not all supplements can make it happen for you. Beware of counterfeits and unapproved pills which claim to be the best product you can get your hands on. Get to know the manufacturer or source of your product of choice, and patiently read the ingredients. Doing your homework through researching and finding reviews might just save you precious shopping time and money.

4. Make sure you can afford it for long-term use.

The most reliable food supplement products do not come cheap. They are often made from the finest, verified ingredients, nicely bottled and specifically labeled, and clinically proven to work. Consider if you have the financial capacity to purchase this product, which you will be taking each day or each week for as long as necessary. It's an investment you have to make, so be sure you do have the financial capacity for this purchase you might be making for a longer period of time.

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