Common symptoms of PCOS include male-pattern hair growth over the entire body, baldness of the scalp, irregular menstruation, and fertility problems. Can a PCOS diet be used to minimize the symptoms of PCOS and the same time, cut unwanted body fat? The answer is yes, the PCOS diet can be used as an effective weight loss diet, and here's the reasons why:

1. Fruits and vegetables rule. The PCOS diet eliminates processed foods and other unhealthy food items from a person's daily meals. Cheat meals are generally not encouraged and, instead, PCOS patients are advised to find healthier alternatives to satisfies their cravings. Fruits and vegetables are important for PCOS patients because these natural, whole foods help restore hormonal balance in the body. Balancing the hormones is a tough task, but with the right diet and continuous treatment, PCOS patients experience great improvements in their symptoms in a matter of weeks.

2. Cutting out the sugar culprit. Refined sugars are also not allowed in a PCOS diet. PCOS patients tend to develop insulin resistance and this condition may lead to full blown type 2 diabetes or adult onset diabetes. As you can see, PCOS affects a person's metabolism and, if it is not properly evaluated, it can also affect a person's cardiovascular health.

3. Sensible eating is coupled with regular exercise. A PCOS diet will not be as effective if the patient does not exert effort in getting a sufficient amount of physical activity every day. In order to stay healthy, a PCOS patient is also advised to play sports or go to the gym. The minimum required time for rigid physical activity is twenty to thirty minutes a day. A person engaged cycling will get the same heart-healthy benefits as someone who is engaged in wall climbing. It does not matter what type of physical activity you choose, as long as you do it regularly, and you are consistent with your efforts.

4. Carbohydrates are reduced. Too many carbohydrates in a person's diet can lead to the increased deposition of fat in the body. More body fat means your weight will be in danger of increasing an uncontrollable manner. What's interesting is that, when the body begins recovering from being overweight, the effort of losing weight becomes much easier, and will feel more natural as time goes by. This is the body's way of rewarding a person's efforts to be healthier and fitter.

5. Going organic. As much as possible, PCOS patients are also advised to reach for certified organic produce whenever possible. This is done to reduce the patient's exposure to preservatives and other unnatural ingredients that are commonly found in food products that are not organically produced. Food preservatives can negatively affect a person's natural hormonal balance, so PCOS patients have to invest in better food if they want to manage their condition well.