For the person receiving in home care, going places might seem like it is out of the question. This is far from the truth. there are literally hundreds of places that a person receiving care would enjoy going to. By narrowing down some of the choices, you can plan a great outing. This is especially helpful with the elderly that does not leave the house often. For these people, the social interaction of leaving the home is extremely important. A few good choices for an outing includes a trip to the library, a restaurant, a museum, a movie theater, a park, or even a side trip to a nursing home to visit a friend that might be getting help there. All of these activities involve getting up and moving around. They are also activities that wheelchair friendly just in case the person receiving care is unable to walk themselves.

A good in between item for those having difficulty walking is a walker. If the person receiving care has trouble moving about but is not quite at the wheelchair stage yet, a walker can provide the stability necessary to keep your loved one standing and upright. Bringing a walker everywhere is not always practical, however. If the person you are giving care to needs support, a shopping cart will always act as a good way to provide that support. This does not serve the exact same purpose as a walker, but it provides more stability than no assistance would.

If the person receiving care needs to go to an appointment, you want to either a.) Take them yourself, or b.) Find someone responsible to take them. A teenage babysitter with good references and experience can be a cheap solution. If you have a loved one that needs help getting around beyond what the caregiver can provide, hiring a “sitter” can be a huge help. Of course, you want to only hire someone that is extremely responsible and willing to be patient with your loved one. A thorough screening interview process should be adhered to before firing anyone.

If an outgoing is too much work or not practical, remember that many places offer delivery. There is always take out food that can be delivered. Today, many pharmacies will even deliver medicines to people unable to leave their home on a regular basis. And with the growing number of businesses that are taking their business online, you can find practically everything that you would need on the computer available to be shipped to your address for a low cost. The most important thing to remember here is that people unable to leave their homes need greater amounts of attention as this will help alleviate social awkwardness.