Candida overgrowth causes a number of problems for millions of people around the world. The good news is that you do not have to live with it. While doctors and therapists are definitely a good step to take, you can take steps at home to alleviate Candida symptoms from your life.

# 1 Dietary changes make a huge difference . There are two key things you can do right now to alleviate Candida overgrowth symptoms. They include adding fiber to your diet and eliminating sugar and sugary foods. However, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the changes you have to make you can start by simply adopting a healthy approach to your diet.

For example, instead of eating sugar during snack times and after meals, reduce your sugary foods to one small snack each day. Maybe a cookie or even better, a piece of fruit. And add fiber to at least one of your meals each day. Small steps help make diet changes easy and not as overwhelming.

However, if you're dealing with a serious Candida overgrowth problem. You may want to look into a sugar elimination or Candida diet to kill off the Candida. This gives you a fresh slate and you can gradually resume a normal, healthy, diet.

# 2 Exercise. Exercise reduces stress, helps your body optimize your systems and helps boost your immune system. You do not have to train for a marathon ride the Tour de France. All you have to do is get moving. Move your body each and every day. Walk, swim, ride your bike to the store or around your neighborhood. Move your body and you'll help balance your systems.

# 3 Get enough sleep. Sleep is incredibly important to your overall health. It helps your metabolism stay fully efficient and optimized. It strengthens your immune system, helps you fight stress and it helps your body fight Candida. Create a sleep habit or routine and make sure to get your zzzz's.

# 4 Kick your bad habits. If you smoke, drink habitually, or have a substance abuse problem, do everything you can to kick these habits. When it comes to fighting Candida, your body needs every advantage it can have. Your immune system, stress response, and overall health need your full attention and these habits can detract from your health and ability to fight Candida.

# 5 Take care of yourself. We tend to run ourselves ragged, taking care of everyone else first and putting ourselves last. Put yourself first. Make sure you're fueling your body with nutrients to keep it healthy and strong.

Reduce stress by exercising, doing something you love, and taking time out to relax. Kick your bad habits and embrace new goods ones. They may feel like small steps but they'll have a huge impact on your overall health. They'll help you prevent Candida overgrowth and the related symptoms permanently.