Chemical imbalances within the body are one of the underarm odor causes, which create embarrassing situations. Those who experience excessive sweating have strong chances that they suffer from chemical sensitivity, faulty metabolism or hormonal fluctuations. Sweating is a skin hydrator and makes body cool down after heat exposure, fever or heavy exercise.


The news report of National Geographic tells that all over the human skin bacteria is lurking. It is also noticed that most of these bacteria are necessary and important to skin's health. It is known to all of us that bacteria tend to flourish in dark and moist places, which makes underarm an ideal place. When the perspiration met with bacteria, it starts to break down. The decomposition of this bacterium results in underarm odor.

Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical sensitivities are commonly caused by mineral deficiencies. When the human body has a low level of zinc and magnesium it tenders the body to result in the foul breath. This also makes body suffer from the bad odor as a result of chemical sensitivities.

Metabolic Disorders

Metabolic disorders are a rare case of a human body. In metabolic disorders the human body over produce chemicals than the requirement of the common metabolic processes. The error resulting in metabolic process can create chemical imbalance. The metabolic process converts nutrients into energy and also helps in getting rid of unwanted chemicals.


Hormonal fluctuations are usually related to menopause, menstrual cycles, or disorder of puberty and this cause body odor to produce. Such hormonal fluctuations result in excessive sweating particularly at armpits, feet and genitals. It is also seen that women who are experiencing hormonal changes face body odor problems more. These hormonal changes accompaniment menopause. They also effect to brain functions that controls body temperature. This significantly increases the chances of underarm odor to occur.

Bacterial Activity

One of the underarm odor causes is bacterial activity. Bacterial activity takes place in the body when the chemical is exposed to bacteria. Our skin contains billions of bacteria and the interaction of these chemicals with bacteria results in body odor.

Poor Hygiene

A major role is played in the poor hygiene in underarm odor causes. Regular bathing is a must in order to control the growth of bacteria, which results in body odor. It is also important to wear breathable and clean clothing. One should use the combination of deodorant and antiperspirant in daily use. It also helps in killing the bacteria, which cause underarm odor.


Inefficient performance of kidney or liver displaces the toxic fluids and helps in emitting the sharp odors through the pores of the skin or people breathe.


One of the underarm odor causes is the release of toxins through the body. It is also noticed that most of the time a person becomes susceptible to underarm odor when an exposure to certain toxins is made. Sometimes organs of the body release the toxins, which are excreted through the skin and provide more opportunities to bacteria for reaction. Underarm odor is likely to occur when these toxins met with perspiration.