As a person with chronic disease, my personal mission for my life is to allow my body to heal and help others to do the same.

All my years of didactic and formal training has taught me to look to the hard core evidence in all things that are proven scientific. Most of you are aware that I am constantly chasing to gain more knowledge. I am committed to further my education primarily because I have not yet answered.

For the last 12 years, oriental medicine, or TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) was under my radar, just never pursued due to not enough scientific research to valid the findings, or so I I thought. As I researched and read deeper, I've come to conclude that the state of our health has everything to do with our thoughts.

Medical research is finding that the nature of our thoughts and actions determine our physical structure and function of our bodies. This has its strong evidence in the case of the “placebo” effect. The placebo effect is when the mind is tested into thinking that they are given a medical intervention for the symptoms when in reality they were not given anything. They found that the placebo effect has better or same effect as the actual drug in a group of subjects. It is safe to conclude that this is because the mind was Deceived into believing that they were given an intervention. Take a moment and think about the implications of this … your thoughts can dictate the health of your body.

Can your mind control your health status? Yes. Universe is a master piece of abundance and health. Good health, wealth, nature … negative thoughts cut you off from the natural resources of well being. Have you heard of the term, being in the same frequency with someone? I'm sure all of you experienced being around someone with negative attitude … it really can dampen your mood, have you wondered why? It's because our attitudes control our physiological vibrations which create a frequency. The vibration energy creates an aura around you and emits a frequency into the universe. This may sound voodoo, but it's all proven quantum physics.

Disease body is not at ease … Disease is result of stress. You put enough stress in the body and one of the links break. This is the threshold of your health, disease manifests when the body reaches a threshold, which is different for everyone. The good news is that with the power of right thinking, you can heal. Laughter is the medicine, food is medicine, you have a body that is innately programmed to heal and be healthy.

Remember that the disease can not live in a body that is at a positive frequency. We reproduce everyday at the cellular level, which means that within a few years, we have a new body.

Take home message, visualize yourself with perfect health. You choose to live in joy or choose to live in sorrow, knowing what you know about the power of the mind, why would you live in the latter. Do not focus on what's wrong, because you'll only perpetuate it, focus on the good things in life and be grateful for them. Happier thoughts = happier biochemistry = Healthy body = Life of abundance

Remember, Incurable is curable from within.

I am thankful for everyday and want to live a live that is fulfilling, that is to serve you.

Have a healthy week!


Connie Jeon